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    Bought Gesshin 1k + 4k

    Heard awesome things about these stones and would like to try them out. Anyone have any laying around? Conus please.
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    SOLD Takeda Nakiri 170mm NAS CONUS

    Looking to sell a Takeda Nakiri NAS. Got this from another KKF member a couple weeks ago and selling for the same price I got it for. I prefer a flatter profile on my Nakiri. Touched up the edge on a Rika and oiled the handle and saya. Super easy to sharpen IMO. Really on the fence about selling...
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    WTS Tojiro DP Honesuki CONUS

    Looking to sell this Tojiro DP Honesuki. This is a good entry level knife for anyone looking to venture into this shape. I have another Honesuki and reach for the other one primarily. Used and sharpened. $50 Shipped. CONUS only please.