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    What kind of Belt Grinders do you guys have?

    [/IMG] These are on sale now for $60 at HF so I bit the bullet and bought one two weeks ago. Before I was using a large delta stand belt/disc sander and this is slower and allows a little more precise work. This is by FAR not a top of the line product, but not the worst for starters. The rpms...
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    Newb needs help on japanese knife purchase.

    Most will agree that you don't need a deba to break down MOST whole fish, and it is size dependent even then. You theoretically (except collaring) could do tuna of any size with a 5" petty, but it would involve alot of using one arm to hold up portions of loin as you were doing it messy and...
  3. J

    Dremel for rounding choils and spines?

    +1 on making the dremel stationary with a solid base. SOLID is a relative term, since your not going to put much pressure on the attachement anyway... Whether your using the stone attachments or the sandpaper attachments (I prefer the latter) you should tape the edge AS WELL as the whole...
  4. J

    Kikuichi Outlet Center

    thanks for the link. The pictures and site show a new york location, gonna check that out will report back... JC
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    PayPal Alternatives

    What about a USPS money order mailed? JC
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    WTB Something gyuto, cheap, and stainless

    If the OP passes, I would be interested in that 210 FKH sj96. Please PM me... JC
  7. J

    Dojo knives

    I love my dojos. I have a small gyuto and two paring knives. They sharpen REALLY easily and quickly, and maintain a wicked edge. They do patina (below the cladding and on the spine) nicely, a leather strop cleans it off in a few swipes.... For Aogami Super treated to 62hrc, even if it is a thin...
  8. J

    De-Burring 101...again :)

    I agree with alot of the advice here, but I could never agree with "slam your knife against the board, imitating the force of hammering a nail...l" for any edge test. Well , maybe with my Sabatier cleaver, but it is so sharp I am afraid it would Split a 2" board in half! JC
  9. J

    Retiring a knife

    You could turn them into hard use fillet knives/deba alternative type. For steaking fish and the like perhaps... I would like to try with yours, if you please! JC
  10. J

    Forscher > Henckels?

    home, I am not using the things for more than once a day for light use. My point is they are not poor choices, though they offer some advantages over the harder japanese steels too, chipping being one, even accidental chips from it laying around and something knocking into it (coffee mug for...
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    Forscher > Henckels?

    The henckels made in germany (not the international line) and of course the japanese lines, all hold edges extremely well. The german ones (my experience is with international (spain), 5 star, and proS) that have ice hardening treatment, that henckels has a name for, really do take and hold a...
  12. J

    Moritaka - how long?

    I also want to mention that my problems occurred when the initial edge (not very sharp) dulled to the point where I could see light on the edge, I took it to the stones and after 15-20 minutes of progression, it had little chips everywhere, it will slice paper, but you can feel the blade catch...
  13. J

    Moritaka - how long?

    Oh your gonna charge me, and I am gonna pay! You have done nothing wrong Dave, and your business spent time and resources (knowledge) analyzing my piece, you need to be compensated for this, at least for the shipping.... I appreciate your honesty in fact. Wish I needed your services more to be...
  14. J

    Blade Blank Experiences...

    Hello All, Wondering what experience you have had with the various blade blank sources on the net for japanese style knives? I only know of jantz and one other, their selections seems pedestrian and not much about the heat treat and quality. Pics of your work would be great too! Please let...
  15. J

    Restoring mirror finish

    Nevr dull is kick ass stugf for polishing, removing patina and many other uses...
  16. J

    Question/Opinion from Salty Dog

    I cant understand the op he thinks he is texting i guess. I am very glad i went to hs and college before cellp hones and texting became prevalent... everyone makes typographical errors, not everyone creates their own language because they cannot spell. It is a scurge on the net.
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    Hattori KD

    Is that a john phillips suit on master ichiro? I would also bet the farm those are horn buttons adorning it...
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    Misono Hankotsu

    I would suggest the fujiwara kanefusa. Fkm model to get something you can "beat on" and use a steel or ceramic stick. Through the day. A super hard blade imo for all day butchering is not ideal if your doing any volume. Fkm will need a bit of thinning and I use mine at. 70/30 edge and leave a 6k...
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    Stoopid things Waiters do...

    Yes, two choices, and I make sure to specify Ceasar, just to be 100%. Thats how I roll for [your] customers, just as I hope my waiter does to make sure I get everything I F*****G ask for (more importantly what my Lady-friend asks for) when i am out. Only thing is, I am not whining to any waiters...