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    WTS Yoshikazu Ikeda - Honyaki Gyuto (210mm) [Used] | Major Price Drop + Bonus Item

    somebody buy this. he's basically giving it away at this point.
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    WTB Softer Aizu

    looking to buy a softer aizu. mainly to finish my gyuto edges, but it will be a huge plus if i can also use it in a polishing progression. pm me with what you have. i also have 2 stones posted for sale that i'd be willing to trade.
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    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    Yeah that doesn't answer the question. What knives, specifically, have you been trying to sharpen? What steel? If you're doing that with a victorinox or a mercer, you're doing well.
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    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    Ok. What knife have you been trying to sharpen? I've been sharpening a little while now, and started doing it professionally for a few restaurants. I still can't get any of the stainless zwillings, and most beaters that sharp. Some knives just won't take an edge like that. I didn't realize I...
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    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    please keep these and keep trying to sharpen. idk what you're missing, but if i had to guess it would be deburring. you're so close...
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    Withdrawn The...Less knife happy wife sale..(Price drop! )Yoshikane, Nigara

    the nigara ktip nakiri has one of the coolest horn ferrules i've ever seen.
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    SOLD 240mm manaka k-tip ($300) & Saji rainbow gyuto (SOLD)

    no sorry. the enn is awesome. i have one with very similar specs. it just got a new handle/saya, now i'm waiting to get it back. you'll probably like the enn.
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    ***...why is this still here?!
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    WTS Dalstrong Fillet

    you might have better luck with this one on reddit, chefknifeswap. or even ebay? unless you're giving them away, they might sit here for a while.
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    SOLD 175mm Takeda NAS Honesuki 350.00

    this is by far the best honesuki i've ever used. definitely an end game piece for the collection.
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    SOLD Masashi Kuroshu Gyuto 240mm

    somebody just buy this, you wouldn't be disappointed paying full price at knifewear, let alone for under $500. it's a steal. some of the best SLD out there, and the tip on mine is so thin, you can barely see it. If i didn't already have the same knife, i would definitely buy this. Masashi is...
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    WTS Ohira kan suita & Ohira goma asagi

    Yeah I don't disagree, I just haven't been able to do them justice. I'm not the best polisher, so I didn't think posting my terrible attempts haha. But yeah, you're not wrong.
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    WTS Ohira kan suita & Ohira goma asagi

    Price drop! Suita---$200 USD Asagi---$150 USD
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    WTS Mazaki Ktip

    Is your damascus blue 1 or blue 2? Do you notice a difference in that and the aogami super? I'd like to eventually get my hands on a taller blue 1 bunka. I have his white 2 in a 210mm gyuto and 150mm petty. I'm not the biggest fan of the triangle profiles on the ones I have.
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    SOLD Shigefusa Kitaeji Santoku 165mm

    More pictures? Especially choil.