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    Knife findings

    wow $350 for these are an amazing price. Was the sharpener for these mentioned?
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    Show your newest knife buy

    thoughts on the knife, any comparisons?
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    Media Youtube AWESOME!

    Super efficient chicken butchery. Who needs a honesuki when you can do this? Chicken Butchery
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    Wood glue recommendations on amazon?

    Thanks all for the feedback. Its actually an ashi 240mm swedish steel so titebonds could work. The black nub in the photo is indeed the end of the tang, and the lighter colored nub right at the end of it is dried up glue i believe. So I think I can just use titebond to glue it back together...
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    Wood glue recommendations on amazon?

    Looking to do a hot fix on this wa handle where the glue has lost its stickiness. Any easily available wood glues I can get on Amazon?
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    Knife findings

    Shouldnt this end up being cheaper since USD has strengthened against the yen? Most of these retailers cost is local and purchased in Yen, no? I would think the price will be lowered and not higher. Take prices at Miura for example. Purchasing in JPY gives you a discount vs their USD prices. I...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Knives from Takada, custom handles from kaiso, wood courtesy of @Chang 240 reika (stock rosewood) 240 suiboku w1 (kaiso 2 tone wood) 240 suiboku ginsan (stock ho) 210 suiboku w2 (kaiso 2 tone wood)
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    Y. Tanaka

    Maybe I misread something, but I've seen and almost ordered Suibokus from protooling in Auz.
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    Shiro Kamo Black damascus Food release problem

    When you re using sandpaper to smoothen it out, is there a specific direction you go in?
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    New Tetsujin line?

    this was a similar experience with my w1 monosteel kogetsu knife in Singapore. Do you just store it in a thin layer of cooking oil?
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    New Tetsujin line?

    I used an alcohol swab (those medical ones) and it seemed to work for me . Been loving mine so far.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    What are your thoughts on this? I had one of the first batches but ended up selling because it wasnt my style, although I loved the stainless kasumi finish
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    WTS Sakai Kikumori Asagiri 225mm K-tip gyuto *Price Drop*

    Stainless clad White #2 by Y Tanaka (Strata) Edge: 214mm Height at Heel: 52mm Spine at Heel: 3.0mm Weight: 212g Balance between heel and first kanji One of these recently sold on BST and I echo the description here: "Pretty solid Sakai midweight with a righty-bias grind that isn't too flat on...
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    SOLD Migoto White 1, 240

    oh lord. I do not need another knife, I do not need another knife....
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    SOLD Kisuke Manaka Blue #1 240mm Gyuto

    This is a boy! If from CKC spine should be around 3.6mm? Wish I had the funds to test this out. GLWS!
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    SOLD Nihei 240mm SLD Gyuto

    Great price on an essentially new knife. This is going for 385 new at carbon. GLWS :)
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    Knife findings

    Someone buy the newly posted Y Tanaka AS blades from strata as well as a Mosuke & togashi damy please, so I wont go broke. Thankss