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    WTB Carbon Steel Pans

    Looking for De Buyer, Mauviel, Matfer frying pans, larger than 10inch/25cm diameter! Not picky about condition/seasoning
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    Withdrawn Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide 240 Gyuto (White #2)

    Thanks for the support guys! Would keep this one 100% if I didn’t have an Ikeda on the way
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    Withdrawn Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide 240 Gyuto (White #2)

    I felt nostalgic for the old wide-bevel Konosuke Fujiyama - excellent F&F, heat treat, and ultra thin behind the edge. A friend suggested I try this knife, from one of the premier knife houses in Osaka. This is their top of the line "Gokujo" hand-forged White #2 wa-gyuto...
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    Jnat + Synth Nagura?

    Atoma 140, I actually found that reducing the pressure -> finer slurry and better sharpening. Now, I'm going back and forth between "pure" Aizu slurry and the Chosera synth mix
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    Jnat + Synth Nagura?

    I’ve been experimenting with a hard Aizu that doesn’t like to self-slurry. Diamond plate rips big chunks -> deep scratches and gritty feel. I’ve been experimenting with Mikawa nagura, but got one of the best edges ever with using slurry from Chosera 3k! Is this a thing?
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    Chosera 3000 vs Aizu pros and cons...Discuss

    Chosera 3k (closer to 4k) - Very easy to use (fast cutting, slow fishing, no loading) - Prone to cracking (must be dried slowly) Aizu (mine is harder than usual, won’t self slurry) - Slow cutting vs. Chosera - Better contrast on wide bevels - Toothy and very cleanly deburred edges If you’re...
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    IEM's (in-ear-monitors)

    Don't do it, this is a deeper abyss than kitchen knives... You've been warned -
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    Uchigumori for free!

    Thank you for your generosity! I have a Ikeda 270 that's begging for a polish
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    SOLD Naoki Mazaki 240 Gyuto (JNS Latest Version)

    From talking with some other members here, I have a particularly heavy workhorse example. Great food release, but not the laser-ish cutter I was expecting from a lot of folks recommending it to me Had a CleanCut KU version before, if I didn't know they both came from the same forge, wouldn't...
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    SOLD Naoki Mazaki 240 Gyuto (JNS Latest Version)

    Catch and release on the most current JNS Mazaki, bought on the last restock before they sold out. I'm gravitating more towards mid-weights over workhorses these days Price: $239 + shipping (CONUS preferred) Vital Statistics: Source: Japanese Natural Stones Steel: White #2 + soft iron cladding...
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    Kochi S-grind doing work @ 9:37 Just picked up 240 Kurouchi, can't wait to test out the food release
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    Finally got a smokin edge with my Chosera 400, 800, 3k combo!

    I've had my Choseras for about 2 years (Naniwa Pro version, no base) without cracking, I think the outside of the stone dries faster than the inside. This can cause shearing forces in the stones when the outside is contracting/shrinking from drying, while the inside is still "swollen" with...
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    Wakui 240mm Gyuto- best value knife under $200. Prove me wrong!

    +1 My wife is now using full carbon 240 gyutos without supervision. She also let me throw away our old stainless santoku - she never throws anything away.
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    New Mazaki Profile. Opinions?

    This. On Murray Carter's sales page for Shiraki single-bevels, he mentioned that Shiraki used to forge 200 yanagiba in a SINGLE DAY. Forging from pre-laminated san-mai bar stock is even faster than forging single bevels where forge welding steel and iron is required.
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    New Mazaki Profile. Opinions?

    Sorry, I meant harder as in higher HRC than typical Sanjo White #2 by feedback on stones. My example wasn't as easy as Wakui to sharpen, but definitely far from difficult.
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    New Mazaki Profile. Opinions?

    I wouldn't say mine from Cleancut was hard to sharpen, definitely harder than typical Sanjo White #2, but I set the bevel on a 3k stone and it went fast. Would love to hear how the new charcoal ones from JNS sharpen!
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    New Mazaki Profile. Opinions?

    JNS left side kanji says "sumiyaki" referring to heat treatment in coal, not just a gas oven. Other Mazaki blades only have the steel type
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    Best stones for a beginner (who doesn't want to buy new ones in six months :)

    While you WILL chip your knife at some point, and need a coarse stone to fix, there is nothing wrong with just buying a finishing stone to start. I had a Chosera 3000 as my first and only stone for months, which is actually fast enough to fix small chips, and is a great finisher on my R2 steel...