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    Gesshin Ginga Western Gyuto Stainless 180mm

    Lightly used excellent condition, sharpened only two times. Comes with original box and saya. $180 shipped to usa. Pics here: [link] Specs here:
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    Gesshin Ginga Stainless 150mm Wa Petty with Saya

    Very lightly used in a home kitchen. Mostly off-board. Only sharpened once. There's some normal/minor discoloration (not rust) on the blade that I have not even tried to remove. Includes original box. $130 shipped to USA addresses. PayPal only please.
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    Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #2 Wa Petty 150mm + Saya

    Very little use, in excellent condition with decently stable patina. Only initial sharpening (not very sharp from maker). I thought the knife was wonderful, but decided to get a taller petty instead. Steel is Blue No. 2 with carbon cladding. Konosuke saya included for $175 shipped to...
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    Takeda Classic AS :: Gyuto 210mm & Banno Petit 140mm

    Both with very little use, in excellent condition. Gyuto $290, Petty $240 shipped to US. PayPal only. No international shipping, sorry. Core is AS (i.e. Super Blue or Aogami Super) Gyuto measures ~214mm cutting edge, 53mm tall, and ~2.75mm at the heel. Petty measures ~147mm cutting edge...
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    Gesshin Ginga Stainless 120mm Petty

    Very little use, excellent condition. $110 shipped to US. No international shipping, sorry.
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    Sukenari Ginsan Gyutos 210 & 240

    I have not found much discussion of these knives on this forum, so I wanted to share what I think are two excellent values for middle-weight stainless gyutos. I just got these in, so don't have much experience with them; but I've enjoyed using them so far. Please let me know if you have any...
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    New Member

    Hi all--I just joined after I realized that the majority of my knife-related Google searches were routed to posts here. Thanks to the many posters from whom I've learned much. I'm looking forward to building my collection of Japanese kitchen knives and learning much along the way.