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    Making a saya for a Takeda gyuto

    Been a while since I posted anything but have had a few days off work and have been able to get into the workshop. Making a saya is quite straight forward, just needs a bit of effort in preparing the stock, and then plenty of trial fits. Started off with a piece of reclaimed Teak, looks a...
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    Damascus Knife making vid from the UK

    Nice vid of the forging of a kitchen knife by a UK maker. I went on a course with Owen about 3 years ago and made my first knife which really taught me a lot.
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    Anyone rehandle a Carter with Riveted Handle?

    I've got some Carters with the black riveted handles that have been on my list of knives to pretty up with a new handle. I seem to recall seeing some that Butch did for Stefan, but can't find the pics now. Has anyone else had theirs rehandled? The simple way would be to add a spacer the...
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    Boston explosions

    Thoughts to anyone affected by the blasts. Tragic times
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    Old video of Sheffield grinder working on a 12" butcher Embedding disabled unfortunately, but well worth following the link Interesting comments on hand ground convexed blades as opposed to flat machine grinds too
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    What difference will I notice between natural and synthetics?

    Hi Maxim, Been wondering about this for a while. What difference will I notice between natural and synthetic stones of the same grit range in a practical rather than aesthetic basis? I've tried a lot of synthetic stones and a few naturals- some European and some American but no Japanese...
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    NKD Harner parer

    Just picked up this parer from another forum member. Cleaned up the handle and put a fresh edge on it and I'm really impressed. Arrived with a few small chips in the edge and felt quite slick on the stones making me think the steel is quite hard, unsure of what the steel is though (guess was...
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    Heads up: Fish handled takeda cleaver

    Just noticed a Fish handled takeda cleaver for sale at the old forum. Must resist buying, but the pictures were worth looking at. Even know im contemplating emptying my money box to see if I have enough
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    Boardsmith 16" x 22" cherry board

    Following on from the 'Chef Niloc Benefit' thread, i won the 16" x 22" Cherry Boardsmith board. However being based in the UK, and this being a large and solid board, means the cost of...
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    One of Sheffield's last forgers

    Great vid showing one of Sheffield's last forgers demonstrating his craft. He mentions making 2 gross blades a day, and every hit with the hammer does exactly what he wants, I could watch it for hours
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    Which new knife questionnaire sticky

    Heya, Could we add a which country are you located in question to the sticky as this may influence suggestions e.g. Due to shipping costs, import duty if purchasing from certain vendors etc? Also I think it may be useful to have an example completed Questionnaire as a second post in the...
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    Polishing a POS

    So, just picked up a smallish belt grinder and without any Steel to make something proper with I thought I would practice using it, and try a western rehandle at the same time, with one of the "cough" jewels in my collection. I picked up this lump of a knife in Walmart, couldn't say no to $1...
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    NCD (New Cleaver Day)

    Just picked this up of ebay, the pictures posted by the seller had no sense of scale in them so whilst i guessed it was on the large side i hadn't realised quite how big it is..... Its 36" long with an 11" long by 8" blade :O The full tang is tapered but it is still a weighty...
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    Modernist Cuisine on TED

    Now, even more so than before, I wish that this was in the library
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    Knife article with a UK tilt.... Am I the only one that starts off thinking this may be good, and then gets more and more frustrated with it. The fact it ends with...
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    NKD-Stephan Fowler 240 Gyuto

    Ordered this a while ago and after a few F+F tweaks it arrived today. Will try and do a write up covering how it performs when i've had the chance to use it but thought i'd share some pics and initial thoughts. Came well packed with a nice plain poplar saya which i wasn't expecting :D...
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    Interesting knife on eBay

    After looking at all the refurb threads going on, I had a quick trawl of the bay and thought this looked quite interesting...
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    Not strictly a kitchen knife

    So still being a bit of a steel junkie and chatting with Farid at a UK forum meet before Christmas inevitably lead to me getting a knife off him. Farid is a UK maker who specialises in Powder steels and mostly makes outdoor and competition knives, though he keeps talking about making some...
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    What size pin stock for Tojiro ITK rehandle?

    Hi all, Am going to rehandle my Tojiro ITK 270mm bread knife, but before i take the scales off does anyone know what size the pin holes in the tang are? That way i can buy some in so i don't have to use it without a handle whilst i wait for some to pin stock to arrive. Cheers, Tom
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    Inventive grinder

    A double grinder set up isn't that new but i hadn't seen the use of a cross vice to mount the motor on for adjusting belt tension and tracking. Though it was quite a cool idea