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    AEB-L steel knives

    I've found these knives sold online at ****. But I'm wondering if any one knows who in Toronto might be selling knives using this steel. Is there a Canadian online shop I can order from? What is the approximate HRC on such knives?
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    Question about edge sharpness

    Would you say getting the "sharpest kitchen knife" money can buy is more about how the knife was sharpened and to what degree than it is about the type of steel used (e.g. blue #1 vs white #1 or white #1 vs white #2...etc.)? What factor or factors in the end would give one the kitchen knife with...
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    Shun Premier vs. Shun Reserves

    Do you (preferably owner of Reserves) think the Reserves are noticeably better knives than the Premiers functionally (sharper...and maybe aesthetically)? With it's use of a different and more exotic steel combination? I priced out an "essentials" set and they are roughly the same. Difference...