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    Toughness of CPM-154

    That's more related to grind than anything else
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    Shingata Akamon 1k or Red brick 1k experiences?

    The akamon is a soaker stone. Every time. I'd leave it submerged personally Surprised you dislike the king 300. I will admit though mine did need a good lapping ootb. Had a very friable surface contrary to what everyone said of it. Once past that layer it's probably my favorite water stone
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    Curious about slurry

    Fast and curryous?
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    I know edge leading will lead to micro chipping as the grit particles are going to be proud from the surface. But taping the spine....... If you are supposed to lay a razor flat on a stone then obviously the spine is your angle holder. If the edge moves towards the spine but spine thickness...
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    I agree with the above post. Everyone does things differently and that is not laughable. person I think using a coticule is ridiculous as I can do it in 1/10 the time with other means. Doesn't mean one way the other is wrong. I am still in the strong camp that taping the spine is absolutely...
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    Curious about slurry

    Curry is a serious business. Ok, to the thread then.....I generally wash away slurry unless I'm polishing. I prefer to use a clean stone and rinse ofter
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    Curious about slurry

    It can work very well to thicken sauces. Especially in a wok
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    1st pistol

    I will agree with an above post to not forget about a good revolver. Bullet shape or power level don't affect it. Doesn't jam. If there's a failure with a round just squeeze the trigger for the next one. And if it's not dead in five or six shots you're in trouble
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Ah ok. Thanks
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Oh I'm honestly wasn't looking for a fight or an argument. It was just a little ambiguous to me anyway what was meant as either a positive or a negative when you quoted me
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Was that response at me? Was there something wrong or mis informative about my post?
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    Best edge for a beater knife?

    60 grit is fine. You're removing metal to remove chips and a thick edge. You want as course of a belt as you can find. They grind faster and cooler. 36 grit is even better!
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    Best edge for a beater knife?

    Good idea it is time to give up. One day you should get yourself a belt grinder just for this type of work. They are very handy
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    Looking to buy my first knife...

    I'd go with a jck nature's blue moon. Nice and thin with a blue core and stainless sides. Very pretty, and nice handle. Very affordable. Edge retention has been good
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    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    I prefer 3k myself. Must be the right one though
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    Hyper vs deluxe king

    It happens. When I first got my king 300 I though I'd gotten a fake stone as it released a lot of abrasive in use. After I lapped it a few times it's much better and harder
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    Best edge for a beater knife?

    I agree with @Benuser, that is how I would do it if I didn't have my belt grinder. for those type of knives I do use lion and I basically lay the knife flat on the slack portion of the belt with moderate pressure at the edge. This gives a low angle but high roundedness convex edge which is very...
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    New Gen Cast Iron

    And some of the heat from the pan does make it's it' back to the glass top. It generally isn't bad though but it will absorb some
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    Some recommendations.... yeah, I know.

    Medium crystolon on king 300. The crystolon is faster but an oil stone. The king is hard, fast, aggressive, and nice to use but starts to struggle at steels in the s30v class and up
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    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    Norton crystolon fine. It's fast enough for chip repair but is fine enough for anything but my razor if I work on it enough and will cut any steel. Also unlike rougher water stones won't melt away when I use it