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    Yukihira nabe

    I'm not sure if everyone knows this pot but it's a traditional Japanese saucepot. My wife really wants one and I admit they look neat and feel nice in the hand. I've seen the Yoshikawa one in person and it's stainless. My problem is stainless doesn't exactly move heat around well or evenly and...
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    WTS Naniwa aotoishi 2k for sale for Canadian buyers

    Up for sale is this stone. Probably not worth it to a US buyer. Stone is a few years old (bought from knifewear) and used lightly. Still 54.5mm thick and comes with original box. $90 CAD shipped in Canada. If outside of Canada we will work shipping out. This is a nice stone. Cuts as fast as my...
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    Sigma power 1k & 6k

    Hi. I know there was a pass around on Sigma stones but that was their select 2 line. I'm curious about what people here think of these two stones if they've used them. I know they bring high praise from the wood working community but not much with the knife sharpening guys. I'm mostly curious...
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    Naniwa ss 220

    Hi all. When I first got into free hand sharpening this and a king 1k/6k were my first stones. Then a year ago I bought the naniwa green brick. Still can't sharpen worth a damn most times:-) the point to my thread is does anyone have experience with the 220? I personally find it to be very...
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    Speaking of ironwood

    I hate stealing a thread by going off topic so I started a new one. I have a really nice ironwood handle on my custom EDC knife. It's starting to fade and lose it's luster. I asked the maker but he doesn't seem to return my emails. For you makers out there ore anyone with experience what should...
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    Cheap diamond plates

    Ok looking at ebay you can find some pretty cheap diamond plates. I found a set of three for $8. Now I know these aren't going to be high quality like atomas or DMTs but I was thinking of ordering them. I won't use for sharpening but I was thinking for slurry creation and possible flattening...
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    cleaning a strop

    Hello all. I use a leather belt on my belt grinder for stropping and deburring after using the stones. It's currently loaded with veritas green chromium oxide and black from all the impregnated swarf. I'd like to get it clean like new and try some diamond or CBN. I'm not sure how to clean...
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    Carbonext gyuto

    I know these knives have been discussed a lot here but I have a couple questions. Are they really as easy to sharpen as carbon blades? I know that's a loaded question because some carbon knives don't sharpen so well but on average. Also I'm under the impression jknives are superior not only for...
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    1K Naniwa Akamon XL Group buy

    ok I've found a vendor up here in Canada who has some of these in stock for $89 + $15 shipping. Not sure if there'll be duties to ship to america but the shipping rate is a flat rate to Canada or the States. I've asked him how many he has in stock and waiting for the answer but any and all who...
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    Red brick 1k

    Hello. From reading on another post I see this stone was being discussed. My question is from what I was gathering there is two of them both named Akamon. One from Imanishi and one from Naniwa. Now if i read that correctly Dave said the Imanishi was junk and the Naniwa was the quite good. I've...
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    hello all

    New member from Canada. I've been lurking here a while and thought I better become a member. Thank you Dave for creating a forums just for us Kitchen knife and sharpening gurus