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    WTS Kurouchi kato STD 240mm

    BNIB Standard kurouchi finish kato gyuto 240mm looking for trade gyuto from desrosier, burke, devin, or straight sell for price USD 1800 include shipping.
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    SOLD Sell kato std 240mm BNIB sold

    Hello everyone: I have 3 pieces of kato std 240mm BNIB. One is white steel. Two of them are blue steel. Just going to sell 2 of them. Keep last one for myself. The smaller handle one is white steel. On the left side. All the retailer increase price to another level now. Sorry about the price...
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    WTS Wanna sell STD kato 240mm blue steel.

    Hello everyone: Just wanna sell the kato 240mm blue steel standard for 1000USD plus shipping. Locate in Australia sydney. There is no box. Will use the other box and packed carefully for shipping. Spec: Length: 231mm Heel height: 50mm. Width on the back of heel: 6mm. Photos: Sorry...
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    Is there any Kurouchi Toyama

    I am really curious this. Any one know Toyama making kurouchi knife? Or he doesn’t make kurouchi only Kasumi. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    What sort of knives using in the busy kitchen.

    Really curious in the busy and fast pace kitchen. What kind of knives people are using? Considering the maintaining and edge retention. I try to using one of honyaki gyuto. But I have to say I have no time really look after it. So I am curious what you guys using or any tips keep carbon knives...
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    Want to ask something about honyaki gyuto

    Suddenly wanna ask about who can forge blue1 steel or aogami super steel mizu honyaki gyuto and still can show the hamono line visual and clearly.
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    Looking for masakage kujira gyuto 210mm

    Same as title. Anyone wanna sell one let me know. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    Looking for yoshikane gyuto

    Hello: I am looking for a western handle SLD kurouchi damscuss gyuto jn 210mm. Or any yoshikane damscuss western handle gyuto in 210mm. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    Looking for Zkramer

    Hello: Looking for a second hand zwilling bob Kramer esstial line. 8 inch chef knife or 7 inch santoku. Any condition welcome. I live in Australia sydney. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    About custom maker favorite stainless steel

    Same as topic. I am really curious about custom maker favorite stainless steel. And I want to ask performance of the all those stanless steel Thanks so much. Bruce
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    Any information or opinion about zwilling twin 1731

    This moment really enjoy watching those simple design knife. and zwilling 1731 really catch my eye. Really curious about these knives. Really looking for some information and opinions. If there is any testing experience will be great. Thanks so much. Lol
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    Looking for billips gyuto any length.

    Same as title says. Just let me know. Thanks so much bruce.
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    Any opinion about Hiromoto honyaki gyuto.

    Hello everyone. This movement I am really interesting in honyaki blade. And western handle always my first opinion. So tempted by hiromoto honyaki. Any review or any information about that blade compare to those famous honyaki blade. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    Asking question about yoshikane knife

    I really interesting in yoshikane knife this moment. Specially their Damascus knife with steel V2 on afram. I just wonder are they still making this kind of knife? Cause I haven't see them for a while.
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    Looking for western handle Kato.

    Looking for a western handle kato gyuto around 210 or 240. Thanks so much. Bruce