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  1. daddy yo yo

    WTB 270mm wa-gyuto blade in carbon

    Having missed that gorgeous Jiro 270 blade I wanna give it another try. WTB: 270mm wa-gyuto blade (generic wa-handles are ok, handle will be knocked off, so please no custom handles), carbon steel, minimum (!) height 52mm, more of a WH than anything else, and maker should be smth "fancy" (that...
  2. daddy yo yo

    WTB Burnt chestnut handles

    Hi, looking for burnt chestnut handles with horn ferrule, preferably octagonal shape, for 210 and 240 gyutos. Habe shipping addresses in the US and in the EU. Please PM.
  3. daddy yo yo

    WTB Blazen or Gengetsu 270mm gyuto

    WTB Blazen 270mm gyuto, BNIB or as new. Or Gengetsu 270mm gyuto. Has there ever been a 270mm gyuto from Gengetsu? Please PM.
  4. daddy yo yo

    WTB Mazaki 270mm KU yanagiba

    Title says it all, looking for a Mazaki 270mm KU yanagiba, BNIB or as new. Apparently preizzo‘s is sold...
  5. daddy yo yo

    WTS /WTT Toyama 210 wa-gyuto (iron-clad), Toyama 300 yanagiba, Ikeda 226 B#1 wa-gyuto

    Hi there, I have the follwing 3 knives for sale (preferred) or trade: Toyama 210 wa-gyuto (iron-clad): 212/50/170g; purchased from JNS, used to cook 2 veggie dinners for 2, knife is as new; please see here for further info. I set 365€ (400US$) all-in as trade value. Toyama 300 yanagiba...
  6. daddy yo yo

    WTB Knife block: stabilized maple in black

    Title says it all, I am looking for a black stabilized maple knife handle block, ideally but not necessarily from burlsource. Please PM.
  7. daddy yo yo

    WTB Shigefusa yanagibas: 270 Kasumi & any KU

    WTB 1) 270mm Shigefusa Kasumi yanagiba, and 2) Shigefusa KU yanagiba of probably any length between 210 and 300. Knives should be BNIB or in stellar condition. Can buy or have 2 knives to offer for a trade. Please PM.
  8. daddy yo yo

    WTB Konosuke yanagiba 210 or 240

    WTB a 210 or 240 yanagiba from Konosuke with ebony/horn handle. Have 3 knives to offer (Toyama iron-clad gyutos in 210 and 270 length, and a Toyama 300 yanagiba) but would also buy. I am based in Europe. Please PM.
  9. daddy yo yo

    WTT Toyama 270 wa-gyuto against Watanabe 270 wa-gyuto (iron-clad)

    Hi all, the title says it all, I am looking to trade my Toyama 270 wa-gyuto (iron-clad) against its twin Watanabe 270 wa-gyuto (iron-clad) in an effort to harmonize my collection. I'd like to see if someone wishes to trade forst, but selling is an option too. Toyama has been used twice only...
  10. daddy yo yo

    WTB Tanaka Nashiji Blue #2 Wa-Gyuto 240mm

    The title says it all, looking to buy a Tanaka Nashiji Blue #2 Wa-Gyuto 240mm. It is this knife from KnS: Looking for a sweet Nashiji finish (the darker the better) and a...
  11. daddy yo yo

    WTB Western 240ish Dalman

    I know, long shot. But I wanna give it a try! Looking for a 240ish Western Dalman. Something like or exactly this: Honyaki or not, I don’t mind. Let‘s talk! Trade or outright purchase, both possible for me. Please PM.
  12. daddy yo yo

    SOLD Bryan Raquin & Tilman Leder wa-gyutos

    Hey there, I am wanting to sell 2 gems here. It is hard to let go, but life has been good, some new knives have come my way and I would like to pass these 2 on to a cosy place where these 2 are welcome. I am the original owner of both knives. Each knife has been used to cook 2 veggie meals for...
  13. daddy yo yo

    WTB Octagonal handle Keyaki or Chestnut for 210 gyuto

    Looking for an octagonal wa-handle with horn ferrule in Keyaki and/or burnt Chestnut for a 210mm gyuto. What size? 135-140mm? What do you guys think? Have 2 Mazaki gyutos with Keyaki (Zelkova) handles with horn ferrule. This is what I am looking for precisely. If someone upgrades his Mazaki and...
  14. daddy yo yo

    WTB Mazaki 210 Nashiji (KU) wa-gyuto

    Title says it all, looking for a 210 Mazaki Nashiji wa-gyuto with octagonal handle, preferably with horn ferrule. But the handle ain’t a deal breaker if it’s not as described... Dimensions should be around 210/50/200+ grams.
  15. daddy yo yo

    WTB Raquin Nakiri Kasumi 170x59

    Whoever bought the Raquin Nakiri today, please, if you ever decide to sell, let me know! Nakiri kasumi 170x59mm Sanmai 145sc and raw iron (like wrought iron but cleaner, without too much inclusion, it is almost homogeneous) Thickness ...
  16. daddy yo yo

    WTS Sugimoto #6 Cleaver

    Hi, wanting to sell my Sugimoto #6 cleaver. Not much to say, used twice to cook veggie dinner for 2. Knife is fantastic, I just don’t reach for it as much as it deserves, grab for my gyutos more often... Pics from this week: Bought new in April this year for 340€, wanting to sell for...
  17. daddy yo yo

    SOLD Toyama Honesuki 165mm

    This is a catch and release for me, bought the knife used here from a member, haven’t used it myself, knife is thus in very good condition. Previous owner has covered both blade and handle with board butter. Paid 260€ which is what I would be looking for (this is 25% below retail). Equals to...
  18. daddy yo yo

    WTB Usuba

    Looking for a sweet right handed Usuba, square Tokyoish version, no Kamagata Usuba. This will be my first so I think that 165-210 should suffice. Convince me if I am wrong... What am I looking for in particular? Shig Kasumi, Kono Fuji, Masamoto KS, Hide, Heiji, or the like... Please PM!
  19. daddy yo yo

    Sakai based smiths and brands

    Will go to Sakai tomorrow or the day after. So excited, as I found the stores in Tokyo and Kyoto rather disappointing. So, I read somebody recommend to go to Sakai knife museum. I know osakajoe once said the sales staff doesn’t know much, but still, is it worth going there? Does Ashi let...
  20. daddy yo yo

    Handle wood in grey/black?

    Hey guys, looking for some advice. For a sweet knife project I am currently looking for a greyish/blackish knife block (for wa-handle). What are the usual suspects? African blackwood, ebony, bog oak, black died maple, buckeye burl? Handle will be on a KU finish blade, so I would like to avoid...