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  1. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama 270 gyuto

    For sale Toyama stainless clad 270 gyuto Blue2 steel with stainless cladding Edge lenght 273mm Heel height 60mm Weight 238gr Ho Wood d-shape handle with horn ferrule Comes with original box I bought this last year from JNS. I have Watanabe 270 gyuto too and decide to let the Toyama go. I have...
  2. IsoJ

    WTT Dalman 240 western honyaki

    This is my friends knife, I traded this to him 1,5 month ago. I bought the knife from Dalmans website. He isn't active at the forum and since I hangout here too much 😂, I am putting it here for trade. Dalman western 240 honyaki gyuto Swedish carbon steel. Edge lenght 245 Heel height 54 Weight...
  3. IsoJ

    SOLD Mazaki 240 KU

    For sale Mazaki 240 kurouchi gyuto. Steel white 2 with kurouchi finish Weight 268gr Edge 247mm Heel height 53mm Octagonal keyaki handle with buffalo horn Comes with the original box I got this from CKC late last year. I've used it around 10 family meal prep. Sharpened once, no thinning. I am...
  4. IsoJ

    Naniwa pro400 or shapton glass500

    Hoping to get a few opinions :). I would like to try Naniwa pro400 or Shapton glass 500 double thick(around the same price). Planning of using the stone as a starter and jump to shapton pro2000. Maybe use the stone for thinning/reprofiling progress too as a second or third stone. My main...
  5. IsoJ

    Traded 2* K&S handle 1*Keyaki handle

    For sale three new/unused handles. I would like to sell these all together as package. 1. Keyaki handle with double horns, top part octoshaped, bottom rounded. From Cleancut Lenght 145mm weight 41gr. Measurements front: 19,6mm*25,3mm Back: 21,1mm*26,5mm 2. Octagonal...
  6. IsoJ

    SOLD Raquin gyuto, Kurosaki petty

    For sale Yu Kurosaki shizuku 120mm stainless petty Steel SG-2 stainless steel with stainless cladding Edge lenght 120mm Edge height 30mm Weight 61gr Octagonal handle with buffalo horn, I don't know what the wood is, maybe ebony or rosewood. Comes with the original box I've got this from...
  7. IsoJ


    Sujis don't get too much talk here so I thought I would like to hear what are other peoples preferences with the sujis, the lenght, height, stiffness, all carbon/stainless,s clad? what do you use it for? Is suji only for slicing protein or do you use it for other products, tasks or tricks too...
  8. IsoJ

    SOLD Mazaki kasumi 240

    For sale Mazaki kasumi 240 gyuto. White 2 steel Edge lenght 247mm Heel height 53,4mm Weight 263gr Spine thickness at the heel 5,3mm Spine thickness middle 2,6mm Octagonal Keyaki handle with buffalo horn Comes with the box. I got this from Carbon Knife Company last fall. I am selling it because...
  9. IsoJ

    Uploading a video

    I am trying to upload videos here, I havent had any luck yet. I have different sizes, 3gb,700mt,12mt all in mp4 format and from android phone. It just says that the file is too big. Any ideas?
  10. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama damascus

    For sale Toyama damascus 240 gyuto Steel blue2, damascus cladding Edge lenght 240mm Heel height 53,3mm Weight 208gr Spine at the handle 4,2mm Spine at the heel 3,4mm Spine at the middle 2mm Burnt chestnut handle I have used the knife handfull of times for family meal prep. I am selling it...
  11. IsoJ

    SOLD Catcheside 260, Mazaki 180, Mazaki 210

    For sale 3 knives. +++SOLD+++ Mazaki petty kasumi 180 Steel white 2 Edge lenght 189mm Heel height 36,3mm Spine at the heel 3,85mm Weight 99gr Handle ho wood d shape. Comes with original box Got this from JNS 6months ago. I've used it few times, no sharpening or touchups. I am selling it...
  12. IsoJ

    SOLD Toyama 270 suji

    For sale 270mm Toyama stainless clad sujihiki. Steel blue 2 with stainless cladding Weight 152gr Edge lenght 273mm Heel height 41,3mm Spine at the heel 3,6mm Handle D-shape ho wood with buffalo horn. Comes with original box. I got this from JNS last year and it is BNIB, Taking out for the...
  13. IsoJ


    I did some cabinets cleaning and decide to do some "inventory". I thought it would be good to take a look next year again what it looks like(easier to find here than from the phones photos :)). Note to myself: too many Mazakis :D Left; Mazaki deba Mazaki yanagiba Mazaki 180 ku petty Mazaki...
  14. IsoJ

    Withdrawn Sakai Takayuki 240 gyuto(Burrfection knife)

    For sale burrfection gyuto knife by Sakai Takayuki. Steel blue 2 with stainless steel cladding Edge lenght 240mm Heel height 48,80mm Weight 144gr Spine at the heel 2mm Spine 10mm from the tip 0.8mm Handle material teak with buffalo horn Comes with the box. I got this from exchange of hand...
  15. IsoJ

    SOLD Tanaka ginsan petty 150mm

    For sale Tanaka ginsan 150mm petty from Knives and Stones. Core steel ginsan with stainless cladding. Edge lenght 155mm Total lenght 292mm Heel height 34,3mm Spine at the heel 2,65mm Weight 106gr Ebony handle with buffalo horn. Comes with original box. Used it few times in hand peeling. I am...
  16. IsoJ

    SOLD Wakui V2 KU 240 gyuto

    For sale Wakui V2 kurouchi 240 gyuto. V2 carbon core with soft iron clad Edge lenght 241mm Heel height 48,9mm Weight 172gr Total lenght 400mm Spine at the handle 4,9mm -"- heel 3,8mm -"- middle 1,9mm -"- 10mm from tip 0,85-0,9mm Burnt chestnutt handle I've got this from...
  17. IsoJ

    SOLD Tanaka ginsan 240 gyuto

    For sale Tanaka ginsan nashiji gyuto 240 from Knives and Stones. Ginsan core with stainless clad Overal lenght 388mm Edge lenght 241mm Heel height 51,5mm Weight 195gr Spine widht at the handle 2,85mm -"- at the heel 2,62mm -"- at the middle 1,96mm -"- 10mm from tip 0,7mm Ebony handle with...
  18. IsoJ

    Padded knife case

    I am looking for cheap zipper padded cases for single knives. Where to buy in EU? For quick looks I can find only from the states and uk but the shipping plus vat kills it for me.
  19. IsoJ

    SOLD Mazaki 240 K&S

    For sale Mazaki 240 kasumi gyuto from K&S. Steel white 2 Edge 246mm Heel 53,4 Weight 279gr Spine at the handle 6,1 -*- at the heel 5,4 -*- at the middle 2,8 -*- 10mm from tip 0,8-1 Ebony handle I am selling this because I have too many these and decide to let this one go. I've made one family...
  20. IsoJ

    SOLD Kamon gyuto

    This is a catch and release. I had to take a shot on this. It is a fantastic knife, but it isn't for me. I cut a few test cuts with it, no sharpening or touchup. I paid it 350$ included vat and shipping. I would like to get 280$ shipped to EU, elsewhere 300$ included shipping. Specs(from...