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    SOLD Kato 210 WH

    This is an old one from JNS, the chestnut handle is the one who fits best my hand so I am afraid I am going to keep it. The knife has been used, I put an average kasumi finish on it, has been sharpened but it is still in good conditions - in my opinion. If you are a collector don't buy this, if...
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    WTS Togashi Stainless Clad Blue#1 Gyuto 240 Mirror Polished - no handle

    Hi. Used for a meal prep for 2, like new conditions. Asking 550usd plus shipping. If you are in Australia contact me for AUD and shipping.
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    WTB Kambei wide bevel gyutos

    Hi folks. I am looking for these 2 models I am trying to compare the...
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    WTS Toyama gyuto

    Hi. Selling Toyama 210mm Gyuto with custom handle. Used and sharpened, very good conditions. What you see on the blade is camelia oil. 350usd plus shipping, from Australia.
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    WTS Raquin Gyuto

    Hi. Selling Raquin gyuto wide bevel, 240x 53.8 ish ish. Arrived 2 weeks ago, used for a whole week, sharpened, polished the bevel a little and now selling it. Pictures to come. Price is 650USD + shipping, shipped from Australia. I do not mind shipping overseas but there might be delays for the...
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    WTS Knives

    Hi. Kato Sujihiki 240mm, cut 1 carrot 1 stick celery 1 onion and sliced 1 steak + Yoshikazu Ikeda Western Honyaki Yanagi/Utility 175mm, poor condition ura side. Price 1500USD plus shipping. I prefer to keep the sale in Australia but I listen to internationals. Kato Petty 150mm Standard, used...
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    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama gyuto

    Hi. I know these are available but I am trying to check with the Australian market here. Looking for a Konosuke Fujiyama either old school with Shinogi or without, or FM series, preferable is 240 length. I do not mind used conditions as long as it is kept in a good shape. Looking for an...
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    WTB Handles

    Hi all. I am looking for 1 or more handles like the ones JNS was supplying with the old Kato knives - burnt chestnut, large circumference. The one I have is 28x24x150, when you are holding the knife 28mm is the depth, 24mm the width and 150mm the height. The weight on mine is 53 grams. I find...
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    WTS Yanagi/Utility Western Honyaki 175mm

    Hi. I picked up this knife on an auction with the intent of restoring it, but never done anything to it. Has been sitting in its box since day 1, not used by me, not sharpened by me. Work/Sharpening has been done on the Ura part as you can see from the picture; I am no expert in Single Bevels...
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    WTS Toyama Nakiri 210

    Hi. Looking to sell a Toyama Nakiri 210mm. Knife has been used few times at home and edge has been polished once with an Ozuku Suita, not sharpened nor thinned. Measurement taken with Ikea measuring tape: height at the heel 64.5mm edge length 208mm weight 267gr Knife was purchased by me...
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    WTS Masamoto KS Sujihiki 250mm

    Hi. I would love to sell my beloved Sujihiki from Masamoto. It is monosteel White#2, old stock. The Sujihiki has been sharpened and used, good conditions overall. Comes with its saya. Shipping it from Australia. Price is 250AUD (151.75USD - according to PayPal currency conversion) + shipping...
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    Kikuichimonji Honyaki Gyuto

    Hi all. I have been recently looking at auctions in Japan, of Japanese knives in particular. I noticed there is a person, or probably more than one, who knows what Western 'knives afecionados' are interested in, and buy those knives in Japanese shops,for then auction them online so that we can...
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    Konosuke Honyaki??????

    Hi. Very quick post for this knife I have come across. Please help me out here to identify. Kanji reads 幸之祐 (Konosuke). Do you think it is an original Konosuke?
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    Withdrawn Heiji Gyuto Yo Handle

    Hi. I would like to sell this gyuto. I won this gyuto a couple of weeks ago at auction, I fought for it. I always wanted to try a Heiji gyuto. I contacted him not long ago and waiting list was 'only' 6 months, and that was enough to let me down. Tried to get one from here but never got the...
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    WTB Heiji Damascus either KU or not, any shape

    Hi folks. I am looking for a Heiji damascus knife, any shape, either KU or not. For instance KU damascus from JKI few years back or kitaeji line from Japan Tool also few years back. Trades options with adjustments accordingly: Kato WH 210 Kato STD 150 Petty Jiro Yo 150 Petty. Let me know if...
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    WTB Shigefusa Gyuto 210/240 Western Handle

    Hi. I would love to try one Shigefusa Gyuto 210/240 Western Handle. Trade options: Kato petty and Masamoto HS Honyaki gyuto 270. Otherwise I can buy outright. Cheers. Nicola.
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    WTS Jiro Nikagawa Petty Yo 150mm

    Jiro Nikagawa Yo Petty 150mm used and sharpened. Would love to get 600AUD shipped within Australia or 400USD + shipping overseas.
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    WTS Tanaka x Kyuzo 240mm Gyuto

    Tanaka x Kyuzo 240mm Gyuto in Blue#1 Migaki Taihei ebony handle. Used but never seen a stone ----> not sharpened, thinned or anything. Would love to get 700AUD or 475USD shipped from Australia. International we talk about shipping fees. Comes with saya from Hitohira, not pictured.
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    Scuffs, scratches, bad day.

    Hi. How do I fix these? Done wih 800 grit. Please..... TA
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    Cladding lines

    Hi. Strange cladding lines I found on this knife. I can't feel them by touch but they are visible, and I have never seen these before. Thoughts?