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    Wa Knife Handles: To Dowel or Not to Dowel

    People were making handles for years before I posted the idea of using a dowel to simplify making the slot.
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    Eclipse Sheffield Steel

    Looks to me like it’s been user made from a large hacksaw blade. Eclipse make a lot of these, and the get repurposed often. I keep a 6” piece with a chisel grind on the end in my welding jacket for knocking off spatter, works really well
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    How long do you simmer for a chicken stock?

    In the slow cooker on low overnight. Chopping up the carcasses means it doesn’t take much liquid to cover, I reckon on 500ml per carcass. I also don’t add any veg, just roasted bones, water and some cider vinegar. it’s a weekly cycle of this weeks chicken with gravy made from the frozen stock...
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    Bar Keepers Friend for stainless steel

    Get the powder, they sell it in most supermarkets normally. Though I get mine from home bargains as it is so much cheaper.
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    Frying pan (UK) for induction hob

    I’d go for a carbon steel from Alex Pole. Hand spun with forged handles. Mine is easily my most used pan. if you must have stainless, Nisbets are selling Samuel Grove laminated pans which are also great, I’m slowly swapping out my le creuset to them as...
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    Cleaning oil burn marks from Le Creuset pot

    As it’s enamelled I’ve used oven cleaner to get the burned oil off mine, works well when the outside inevitably goes black with burnt on grease. Has brought second hand pans back to looking like new
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    Secondary side thinning and polishing problems

    If it’s just the evenness of the finish, finger stones and/or wine cork dipped in slurry is a great way to even out the aesthetics
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    SOLD Bryan Raquin & Tilman Leder wa-gyutos

    Nice Tilman, may be worth checking CITES though before you consider shipping out of the country, Honduran rosewood is appendix II iirc.
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    Hot plate (EU)

    I had similar and used this for everything for over a year. No complaints at all, and 9 years later it still gets occasional use
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    Any good Asian culinary webstores in the EU?

    I usually pick stuff up from these places, only Japan centre has a web store though These are in Chinatown, they may be able to take an order over the phone and mail it
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    Cleaning up sharpening gunk

    pencil erasers work a treat
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    Can't get shaving sharp. Where am I going wrong?

    Looks like a pretty thick knife made out of run of the mill stainless. The stones after the 1k aren’t going to be going you any favours on that knife. Try a 1k edge, deburred and then stropped. I’d also focus more on having a working edge that cuts well rather than sharpness tests.
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    Grind issue for the experts.

    It’s a butchery knife, just use it. If it develops the mildest recurve from that hollow it doesn’t really matter- go and look at some knives in a butchers - they’ll have all kinds of funky profiles from steeling. It’s a fully functional knife. You won’t be getting a nice pretty kasumi polish...
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    Oxidation On Kurouchi Finish

    Bit of oil on a paper towel, any oil you have for cooking, and wipe it down. Then use it. A couple of sacrificial onions and potatoes later it will be gone. ( The onions will go a funky brown colour as they take the rust off, hence being sacrificial) don’t use abrasive you’ll either scratch it...
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    Shapton Glass 120 or 220?

    Glass 220, easy to rebevel blunt knives on. The 220,500 and 2k in the holder is my travel kit
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    Re-handle on a CCK cleaver

    I did one 8 years ago and posted it here Edit: pics look to be broken, I’ll try and dig them back out
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    Circular suminigashi

    Afaik you make them by drilling partway into the stack after the first weld, then forging flat lookup raindrop Damascus damasteel do a similar pattern too
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    WTB Sujihiki 300 (maybe 270...)

    Will C had one for sale recently at this size- May still be available
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    I dont like my Ho wood handle so I burned/tanned it

    That turned out good I did a scorched finish on a saya and like you say it’s pretty quick going, and easy to go back over any uneven bits did a quick vid if it helps show what it looks like
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    Two choils, one cut

    people seem to be missing this bit.... sounds like stiction is causing the difference to me