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    WTB Carbon Steel Pans

    Looking for De Buyer, Mauviel, Matfer frying pans, larger than 10inch/25cm diameter! Not picky about condition/seasoning
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    Withdrawn Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide 240 Gyuto (White #2)

    I felt nostalgic for the old wide-bevel Konosuke Fujiyama - excellent F&F, heat treat, and ultra thin behind the edge. A friend suggested I try this knife, from one of the premier knife houses in Osaka. This is their top of the line "Gokujo" hand-forged White #2 wa-gyuto...
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    Jnat + Synth Nagura?

    I’ve been experimenting with a hard Aizu that doesn’t like to self-slurry. Diamond plate rips big chunks -> deep scratches and gritty feel. I’ve been experimenting with Mikawa nagura, but got one of the best edges ever with using slurry from Chosera 3k! Is this a thing?
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    SOLD Naoki Mazaki 240 Gyuto (JNS Latest Version)

    Catch and release on the most current JNS Mazaki, bought on the last restock before they sold out. I'm gravitating more towards mid-weights over workhorses these days Price: $239 + shipping (CONUS preferred) Vital Statistics: Source: Japanese Natural Stones Steel: White #2 + soft iron cladding...
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    SOLD Masamoto Kasumi 300mm Yanagiba BNIB

    I've inspected the knife for warping, but otherwise completely untouched and never sharpened. Just never got around to opening up the knife. Price: $239 + shipping Vital Statistics: Maker: Masamoto Sohonten Steel: White #2 + soft iron cladding Height: 36mm Thickness at Heel: 4.4mm Thickness at...
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    SOLD WTT/WTS Mazaki Kurouchi 250mm Gyuto (Cleancut)

    As far as I know, this aesthetic texture of Kurouchi won't be restocked, all future Mazaki kurouchi will be plain. I've never even seen one of these for sale before, my loss is your gain. I'm looking for interesting trade opportunities, and these will be prioritized over cash sale. Trade/Sale...
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    Masakage Shimo Santoku by Kurosaki Yu

    The Masakage Shimo blades were one of the first series to Kurosaki's name. Even as a new blacksmith, Kurosaki demonstrated a keen eye for aesthetics. "Shimo" means Frost in Japanese, and the damascus cladding is meant to evoke a misty, frost-streaked window. It's uniquely both damascus and...
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    210+ Carbon Usuba

    Taking offers for carbon steel kakugata and kamagata usuba (210 preferred over 240), price capped at $350 Apparently the #1 most regretted purchase on KKF is an usuba that ends up never getting used. I'll happily give that drawer queen a good home and a hard workout! Free up those funds for...
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    Underrated Knives/Makers

    What knife or maker do you guys feel doesn't get enough hype? What are we all missing out on? Why do you guys think the hype train passed them by? I'll start - Masakage Shimo: VERY beginner UNfriendly knife stuck in a "beginner" brand The Good - Extremely good heat treat of White #2 by...
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    Hi from Reddit!

    Hi KKF! I'm from the small (but growing) community of knife enthusiasts on Reddit (/r/chefknives) where daveb tirelessly preaches the gospel of Jon Broida and Maksim from the mountain top :lol2: I've been lurking here long enough that the damage has already been done - 210mm Toyama...