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    Bent/Warped Nakiri? Thoughts?

    My way pro 180 is totally straight
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    Bisbell/zwilling magnetic blade guard any good ?

    Magnetic guards and carbon or semi-stainless are not a good idea. Any accidental moisture could be a disaster
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    Strange food combo’s

    Dill pickles and peanut butter, Delicious!
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    Let’s talk Jerky

    I add powded milk to the mix, gives it nearly the same final consistency of tender full muscle 1-1.2 oz for 5 lb of mix I'm sure other binders would work Hardest spice to judge is salt, since other ingredients like soy sauce etc already contain salt, other than that what ever meat spices...
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    Blonde horn roll. US group buy.

    Looks great! Congrats to everyone, happy it all worked for you.
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    Custom chef's knife maker?

    Devin Thomas
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    Why aren't Japanese knives popular within female buyers as end-customer?

    Agreed altho maybe conditioned as much as hard wired. Most men: "I have a couple pair of shoes, why in hell would I need more" Most women: "how many knives do I need to simply prepare a meal" Obviously there are exceptions.
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    Why two variations of White Steel?

    Steel is refined iron. On one hand removing undesirable impurities for a purer steel is more expensive so white # 1 cost more than white #2 etc. Remember, the composition charts of desirable elements when added up are far from 100% The types of blue steel have various material added back to the...
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    The humble PICKLE

    Pickle juice as Tequila chaser instead of salt and lime
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    My Goings On

    Very cool, congrats
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    Yoshikane 240mm (9.5 inch) gyuto

    I have a 210 & a 240, both are favorites
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    I gave up.

    Way to go SB Stay strong!
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    what is your go-to hotsauce?

    Louisiana, when I'm out of home made.
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    What's your favorite whiskey?

    +1 on Evan Williams, maybe best bang for the buck.
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    Bird Food

    Cool video
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    What i got for 10 euro's and what i would like to know

    If the wife likes one one of them they were a bargain!
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    Brisket popped out of cure along the way. What to do?

    Curious, did you cut off the brown?
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    sliced sandwich bread. do you eat the heels?

    Toast or sandwich, no big deal to me
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    J knives changed my life

    First time using my first Japanese knife was cutting an onion. I almost giggled out loud.