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    What's your favourite knife for this/these tasks?

    Like the title says, what's your favourite/preferred knife(type, maker, size) for halving, quartering, and finely slicing heads of cabbage and apples(and similar tasks, you get the idea)? What features and qualities makes it your favourite? I've been doing this more frequently lately, and I'm...
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    BST rules/etiquette/decorum

    I regularly follow the great BST section on this forum in the hope of scoring one of the knives I really long for. This thread/topic, however, is the result of a couple of listings I've seen recently(not necessarily just related to knives I'm interested in) which have left me wondering about...
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    Coarse stone for thinning

    Hi everyone! As the title says I'm considering my options for a coarse stone to be used for thinning, both monosteel stainless and clad carbon knives. My coarsest stone is the JNS 300. I really like this stone, both in terms of feel and finish, but it's just too slow for doing serious...
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    Hello everyone

    New member checking in here. I'm in my early/mid thirties and I live in Norway. Have been using Japanese production knives like Masahiro, Global etc. for about a decade. The last couple of years has been an explosive and ever expanding affair, with learning to sharpen(not too great as of...