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  1. Matus

    Problem viewing attachments (iOS)

    I have noticed a strange problem that happens when opening attached photos that were added as ‘Thumbnails’ and not ‘Full image’. When clicking on the first image only narrow part on the top is shown. Going to the next one everything is fine, but the first will not display properly. Device...
  2. Matus

    Quick comparison: Nanohone 200, Bester 220, Shapton Glass 220 and Shapton Pro 120

    Edit: I have added comparison of Pro 120, Bester 220 and Nanohone 200 in the post #23 Since I somehow managed to hoard several very coarse stones I though that a quick comparison could be of interest. To show how the stones actually work I made a video (sorry, it is 13 minutes long - brevity is...
  3. Matus

    Shapton Glass 120 or 220?

    I just got a set of Shapton glass stones (500, 2000 and 8000) with a holder. I plan to use the 2000 and 8000 for razors, but would also like to add a coarse stone so that I would have a compact 3 stone set (all stones packed inside the holder) - so 120/220 & 500 & 2000 for travel. So I would...
  4. Matus

    The Vintage HiFi thread on KKF

    I though it was about the time to start a thread on Vntage HiFi here on KKF. I know - there is a ton of fora and FB groups on this topic, but I would specifically like to discuss: What Vitage HiFi setups or components do you have & use? What is the best Vintage system you had a chance to...
  5. Matus

    SOLD (From EU) Itinomonn StainLess 240 gyuto

    I have mixed feelings selling this one. I really like the knife, I just wish it was a few mm taller and 30-50 g heavier. Thank he grind is great. It is from the last batch Maksim had on sale - I got it at a discounted price. Price: 150€ shipped worldwide Payment: PayPal or wire transfer Blade...
  6. Matus

    SOLD (From EU) Custom damascus Blenheim Forge 150 utility knife

    When I “discovered” Blenheimforge guys they were just rolling out their first production knives. I liked their work and asked whether they would make a knife based on my design (blade profile - intended to be used as a salami & cheese knife - it works great for that). They said yes and soon we...
  7. Matus

    SOLD (From EU) Masakage Koishi 165 nakiri

    Nakiri knives are my favorite toys, I have had a few and plan to keep going. I bought this one (new from CuttingEdgeKnives in UK) because it is taller than most 165 nakiri knives, but without being excessively heavy. My favorite nakiri at the moment is Moritaka 180 AS, so this one is looking for...
  8. Matus

    SOLD (From EU) Suisin INOX 180 gyuto

    This knife was bought as something that was meant for visitors to use, but it was used about twice in more than a year, so it makes little sense to keep it. EDIT (6th of August): German post does not offer anymore insurance with 'large letter' product and forces its customers to send items that...
  9. Matus

    SOLD (EU) Hiromoto SLD Honesuki 145

    I am selling my trusty Hiromoto SLD Honesuki as I now more use my 165 Mazaki petty for work around bones. Price: 50€ shipped worldwide Payment: PayPal or wire transfer Blade length: 142 mm Blade height: 37 mm Spine thickness: - at the handle: 2.4mm - half way towards the tip: 2.2 mm - 1 cm...
  10. Matus

    Grinding wide bevels - how to?

    I would like to try to make some knives with a wide bevel grind. I started to work on one and quickly realised, that I need to proceed differently that to what I am normally doing (gentle convex grind) where I start grinding at the edge and slowly move towards the spine and at some point start...
  11. Matus

    Bought 210 WA gyuto (in EU)

    It has been ages since I actually posted here on BST. I hope I can still do it right :) I am helping my friend to find a gyuto (details below). However I am the one buying it here, so you would only deal with me. My friend is looking for a knife with the following features: 210 mm gyuto 45+...
  12. Matus

    Friction fit saya(s) scratching the blade(s)

    I guess I need an advice here. I have made just a few sayas so far - from birch and Lime wood - both very nice, clean with straight grain. I am doing the sayas with friction fit and keep getting scratches from finished sayas. I am pretty sure that this is not the wood itself, but some particles...
  13. Matus

    Revised B/S/T guidelines

    In the wake of the recent feedback concerning the value when trading knives/items, we have decided to adjust the respective guideline. Please check the full Guidelines to make sure we are all on the same page. Thank you
  14. Matus

    Dust in the shop

    My workshop is just about 2x3 m large and two of its 4 walls are just a deviders that do not seal it from the neighboring cellars. Since I upgraded to a 2x72” the dust would be literally everywhere after just one hour of grinding. The tipping point was reached when one neighbor complained about...
  15. Matus

    Guidelines for Hobbyist Sales

    We would kindly ask you to observe the following rules in this subforum: First of all - this is a BST forum so the Guidelines for B/S/T apply here as well. Only Hobbyist Craftsmen are allowed to post threads in this forum Every Hobbyist Craftsman is allowed to sell 2 items (knives, handles...
  16. Matus

    Post waiting for approval ... ?

    I just replied to one thread and got this. Is this a normal behaviour?
  17. Matus

    How NOT to buy a belt grinder

    I have made a short video about a grinder that I ordered from Kamil Wisniewski and payed 1600€ for in total. The grinder took more than 1.5 years (!) to deliver and it was extremely poorly made. Once the (IP20) VFD died I decided to ditch the whole thing (which I already did) and order a new one...
  18. Matus

    Need help wiring a 3 phase motot

    Hello, VFD on my (poorly made and pretty much hated 1600€) belt grinder threw up some sparks and died. I am decided to get a new grinder in a few months, but now I would like to try to use the current grinder without VFD with just single speed. The question is - how should I wire it? I have...
  19. Matus

    Pavel Bolf 280 suminagashi gyuto with custom handle

    Hello, I have for sale a little special knife I would like to say a few words about. The blade was made by a famous Katanakaji (Swordsmith) Pavel Bolf. He does knives here and there, but that is not his main focus. It was originally made to order for my friend who wanted gift it, but the...
  20. Matus

    Hamon - what paste/clay/cement

    Hello, I am about to try to make a blade with a hamon (125sc and 1.2442). The HT itself will be done by Achim Wirtz, but I need to coat the blade with some 'stuff'. I have got a special fire cement, but after a brief testing it seems to be way to coarse and once dry it has little...