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  1. da_mich*

    Need help for Kanji identification on very interesting knife

    Hello members, a few minutes ago i bought a very interesting knife at an ebay auction. I can´t wait to receive it. Does anybody know the Kanji symbols or maybe the manufacturer and model? I only have the bad ebay pics :-( I know some kanjis at this knife but not all: Pic1 Bottom: 堺金土口 ...
  2. da_mich*

    Kanji Identification Funayuki Thanks for help

    Hello, can anybody help me to identify this Kanji? Thank you very much for you help. Kind Regards, Michael
  3. da_mich*

    EUR Sugimoto 杉本 Chinese Cleaver No.6 Slicer | Location Germany

    Hello Members, I´m selling my near brand new Sugimoto Chinese Cleaver #6 because i like a No.7 or No.22. Details: Manufacturer: Sugimoto 杉本 Style: Chinese Cleaver Model: #6 Usage: Slicing! No chopping Bones! Steel: Pure Japanese Ore Bevel: 50/50 Blade Length: ~220mm Overall Length: ~326mm...
  4. da_mich*

    JNAT Book

    Hello, does anybody know a book about Jnats? I like to know much more about them. I bought my first Jnat (Mizukihara Awasedo) and now I´m addicted to them. The book must have german or english language. Thanks, Michael
  5. da_mich*

    Tormek big chisel sharpening hack

    Hello, it has nothing to do with knives but maybe it´s interesting for someone. Sometimes it´s not possible to resharp or fix chips with your Tormek SE-76 or SE-77 Jig because the chisel is to big or to short for clamping it. Tormek has no Jig on the market who can handle this type of chisels...
  6. da_mich*

    Sandblast Damascus Steel / grain size / material

    Hello, does anybody know how to sandblast damascus steel instead of etch it with acid? For example Kai Shun use this sandblast method for their export knives. Andybody here know witch type of sandblast material and grain size is suitable for this method? I like restore old damascus knives with...
  7. da_mich*

    Another day another Kanji

    Hello, i have a new knife with new kanji symbols. Maybe someone can translate it for me. I think it has somesthing to do with steel type and forgin ..... .Thanks vor help Best Regards, Michael
  8. da_mich*

    Kanji Knife ID help thx

    Hello, does anybody know this kanji? I´m not realy good in reading it. Thanks
  9. da_mich*

    Amaranth / Purple Heart Handle Protection

    Hello, i made a new Amaranth/Purple Heart wood handle for a Unagi knife. Yesterday it was brown, after 1 day sunlight it has a nice color. How can i save the color now? I hope the handle isn't brown again in a few days. Does anybody know a good protection? Thanks, Michael
  10. da_mich*

    Kanji Unagi Eel Knife?

    Hello, does anybody know the kanji of this knife? I can read only the sakai and saku kanji. Thanx for help. regards, Michael
  11. da_mich*

    Align a crooked single bevel knife

    Hello, does anybody know how to align a crooked single bevel knife like a Yanagiba or Usuba? It´s impossible to sharpen a single bevel knife if it isn´t 100% straight. Maybe someone has a good idea. Thx for help Regards, Michael
  12. da_mich*

    How To Naniwa Chosera Base removal

    Hello, i have read many times, that some people like to remove their Naniwa Chosera stones from it´s cheap base but nobody gives a good answer to them. I have removed three stones from it´s base without any damaging. Today i removed another stone from its base and made a tutorial video of it. I...
  13. da_mich*

    Yanagiba sharpening Problem

    Hello, I've been sharpening knives for several years now but i have much problems with yanagibas. Most times i get some high/low spots at the bevel. How can i fix this spots? I tryed a #400 grit stone for one hour but it won´t work. Maybe anybody has a good tip for me. Thank you very much...
  14. da_mich*

    Another Knife, another Kanji help please

    Hello, does anyone know this kanji inscription? I have never seen this knife before. I think its nothing special. Thanks for help. upload picture Thx Michael
  15. da_mich*

    Knife ID

    Hello, i need your help again to identify a knife. I only know a few parts. I hope the picture is good enough. Thanks Best Regards Michael
  16. da_mich*

    Before and After - Restoration

    Maybe its interesting for someone who think his knife is done. You can save the most knives! Before: After: Before: After: Only After Pic (Knife was totaly chiped and scratched):
  17. da_mich*

    Suehiro W8/G8

    Hello, I want to expand my stone collection and found the Suehiro W8/G8 Stone. Has anybody some experience with this stone/s ? Thanks for informations Best Regards Michael
  18. da_mich*

    Knife ID Help

    Hello, does anybody know this knife or the first Kanji character? I only know the second (景 / Kei). Thx for help. Best Regards, Michael
  19. da_mich*

    Knive ID help thx

    Hello, does anybody know this kanji? At first I thought it´s Sakai Koji 堺光治作 buts it looks a little bit different. Thanks from germany Michael