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  1. Corradobrit1

    Kanji ID

    Can someone ID these kanji that are stamped on the left side of the blade. Does it refer to the steel used?
  2. Corradobrit1

    Seriously? Who's up for this? One slip and you lose an ear or the nose. If you're lucky
  3. Corradobrit1

    SOLD A couple of very nice starter Jnats- Narutaki and Shohonyama Kiita

    Selling a couple of start Jnats that I picked up from KKF members a couple years ago to try some different stones before investing in the full size stones. Used 2-3x. I just bought a big Narutaki so selling this smaller one along with a Shohonyama Kiita. Asking $105 for both Jnats + shipping...
  4. Corradobrit1

    SOLD 2 small Jnats Hakka Koppa and Yaginoshima Asagi. Nice starter stones $125 for both

    Nice starter set of 2 small Jnats. I bought these to try a couple of different stones to see if I prefer Jnats over Synthetics. I do. I now have full size stones so selling these on. The Asagi had a bottom layer break and has been epoxied back together by a previous owner (that was 3 years...
  5. Corradobrit1

    WTS Morihei Hisamoto Kurouchi White #1 Gyuto 240mm Pakka Handle (Fine Finish)

    Selling a Morihei/Teruyasu Fujiwara 247x53 gyuto. My knife was the actual one used for the beauty shots on the Hitohira site and the specs are based on this too. Cladding is quite unreactive, acquiring some really nice blue's and oranges...
  6. Corradobrit1

    SOLD Comet W2 Honyaki

    With some customs coming in the near future and a recent way over budget purchase, I've decided to sell this Comet Honyaki in W2. Tough decision as Trey is no longer making knives, so finding another will be a big ask. Hardness is approx 64 with his signature hamon line and a subtle shinogi to...
  7. Corradobrit1

    Withdrawn Morihei Hisamoto Kurouchi White #1 Gyuto 240mm Pakka Handle (Fine Finish)

    Just received my TF Denka 240 so reluctantly I need to let this Morihei/Teruyasu Fujiwara 247x53 gyuto go. Note, Morihei are no longer offering the 'Fine Finish' ie Jnat blade road polish. All new releases have the standard brushed finish only. This 240 has been used a couple of times and has...
  8. Corradobrit1

    Favorite Microwave Popcorn?

    With all the talk of popcorn vs carrot sticks on the "Kkf just a place for knife sale profit?" thread, what are your fav brands? So many taste of chemicals or fail to pop efficiently in the microwave. Anyone else like the Skinny Pop brand? Whats currently wowing you?
  9. Corradobrit1

    Who collects antique Japanese swords?

    Given that most of use here are into JKnives it got me wondering if people have expanded their collection to include maybe one or two or more antique swords. Many of the current kitchen knife makers expouse their sword making ancestry eg TF, Kiyoshi Kato, Mizuno etc. I lusted after a katana way...
  10. Corradobrit1

    PSA: Bunch of Hunter Valley Knives Stolen in LA area

    Don't know the details but Mert posted an IG announcement just now that 4 gyuto's and a sujihiki were stolen in the LA area recently. Keep your eyes open in case they show up for sale.
  11. Corradobrit1

    Alloy Banding aka steel segregation?

    I'm as guilty as many, falling for the allure of a pretty face in this case the banding that can be seen in many honyaki and mono steel blades. I want to try and rationalize this and wean myself off the marketing flannel. Reading around the subject on steel segregation I constantly hear that its...
  12. Corradobrit1

    boar_d_laze? Where'd he go? Was he active on KKF?

    When I began in this hobby it was boar_d_laze (loved his Avatar) over on Cheftalk more than anyone else who got me started down this rabbit hole. I'm sure I'm not alone. Then I discovered CKTG and KKF and the rest is history. He hasn't been active on CT since 2013 and I wonder what became of him.
  13. Corradobrit1

    WTB Shiraki Tesshu Honyaki Gyuto

    Looking for an Aframes Tesshu Shiraki 240 Honyaki? Let me know if you have one for sale. I also have some interesting trades including Comet san mai and honyaki if that helps.
  14. Corradobrit1

    Shapton Glass Seven System-Thoughts?

    Anyone using the Shapton 7 system for knives? The kit comes with the ~500, 2K and 30K grit plates. Thats a big step up from the mid to fine grits, but the finished edge looks impressive judging by its ability to slice hair shafts if the vendor vids are to be believed. Can anyone here endorse the...
  15. Corradobrit1

    The Kiyoshi Kato Experience

    Has anyone besides Maxim visited K. Kato in Hokuto City? Apparently its possible to arrange a tour of the workshop
  16. Corradobrit1


    Seems Carter has been promoting this system quite heavily recently. What do people who have actually used it think? Who is this system really aimed at? The amateur looking to up his game or will it satisfy the accomplished whetstone sharpeners?
  17. Corradobrit1

    Traded True Unicorn Kato Ku Kantogata Nakiri w/chestnut handle BNIB

    Looking to trade this truly unique example of Kiyoshi Kato's earlier work. This is a BNIB NOS example which I purchased from a vendor in Japan. Apparently this has blue steel core. I only know of one other example and that has a Ho wood handle. This one has an original burned chestnut. Blue...
  18. Corradobrit1

    WTB Kato 240 STD

    Looking for one in new or like new condition. Blue or white. Located in TX
  19. Corradobrit1

    Seller RocknRazor?

    Anyone dealt with this seller? Legit? He has storefront on Etsy and posts to IG
  20. Corradobrit1

    Japanese style wood knife stand - where to buy?

    Anyone know a source of furniture grade knife stand for 4-5 blades? The only ones I can find eg at Korin are the pale pine-like wood. I'm looking for something a little more exotic and a feature for the kitchen.