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  1. lemeneid


    Gonna put this one up for sale. I love it to bits, but I am getting more and better TFs. It is the perfect Denka, perfect grind with no low spots at all, they have all been meticulously taken care of through many rounds of sandpaper, stones and nats. Anyone who is scared of playing the TF...
  2. lemeneid

    PSA: Remember to seal your nats

    Or you end up like me with this Aizu. Didn't think it would happen to me but it did. Hadn’t used this one in months so I planned to sell it, but when I took it out to clean, it split. Looks like its naguras and finger stones for this one.
  3. lemeneid


    Looking to sell my Maboroshi gyuto, this is THE gyuto that started me on the TF journey. It was tipped once but now fixed and length maintained as much as I could. Its been sharpened and thinned on natural stones only and has some patina on the core steel that can be removed if you wish. Comes...
  4. lemeneid

    TF or Toyama: The Review

    To get some background on this, read this thread. Some TL;DR, I was comparing between both knives few years ago. Now I've ended up with the highest end of both. Bear in mind, these two are not your off the shelf TF Denka or...
  5. lemeneid

    WTB Toyama Sujihiki 270/300mm

    Looking for one in this size. Preferably BNIB, but will consider lightly used or unsharpened ones. Any variation will do, stainless clad, carbon clad, Dammy, honyaki, etc. Shoot me with your offers.
  6. lemeneid

    Full tang, forged bolster knives

    Any makers who do this? So far I think I've only seen Shig do this.
  7. lemeneid

    WTB Yoshikazu Tanaka Blue#1

    Trying to find a Tanaka knife in B#1, any variation is fine, but preferably something more laserish. Fujiyama, Dammy, etc... just want it in full 240mm not Sakai 240 BNIB is preferred but I will consider lightly used ones. Shoot me your offers.
  8. lemeneid

    WTT Ku Kato 240mm

    I got a Ku Kato sitting in my drawer, BNIB. I just don't feel the love for this knife and therefore not using it so its up for trade for anyone who wants one. Not looking for a sale ATM (unless someone offers me a stupid amount of cash), only trades for other unicorns. This one is a Morihei...
  9. lemeneid

    Is soft steel on honyaki more rust prone?

    Been using my Toyama Honyaki for a while now and I've just noticed some rust spots on the soft steel portion. Nothing on the hard steel. Anyone noticed this as well? I also tried totally removing all the patina then I placed a half sliced onion on the knife, the soft steel started developing a...
  10. lemeneid

    SOLD Western TF Maboroshi 240

    Looking to sell my Yo TF Maboroshi to raise some cash for a Denka. Its been used and thinned but its an even better knife now. To date, its been sharpened only on natural stones. The tip chipped a tiny bit but its been fixed and the length maintained. Some specs. 242mm blade length 51.5mm...
  11. lemeneid

    Cheap kiridashi recommendations for practice.

    Got some nice honyaki knives coming in the next few weeks-months but before I attempt anything, I want to get some practice on a cheap kiridashi. White or blue steel preferred. Just need it to practice polishing the bevels for kasumi or mirror finishes.
  12. lemeneid

    Watanabe Price Increase

    Saw this on his website, everything's going up 15% on 1st March, so better stock up first. Just wanted to let everyone know :( Any other makers bumping up prices??
  13. lemeneid

    WTB Yoshikazu Tanaka 240 gyuto

    Looking for a Yoshikazu Tanaka gyuto for a friend. Just needs to fulfil the following requirements. no chips, no broken tips, no overgrinds, etc... at least 50mm height wide bevel nice handle is not necessary but a plus white or blue is fine PM me with your offers and some specs and pics and...
  14. lemeneid

    WTB Octo handles

    Got a few knives coming with D shaped handles. So I’m looking for something octo since I’m a lefty. Anything usable is fine but I’m mostly looking at burnt chestnut, ebony with blond horn or rosewood. Of course other exotic woods are welcome too. So PM me with some of your offerings. If you...
  15. lemeneid

    Bought 240 Honyaki Gyuto

    Edit: Don’t need anymore Ikedas or Sakai knives, I’ll consider those who have already PM’d, still looking for Watanabe or Toyama. Looking to get a 240mm honyaki gyuto. Any maker will do but I’m looking mostly at Shiraki, Ikeda, Watanabe and Toyama. Will consider others too but those above take...
  16. lemeneid

    WTB TF Denka 240 gyuto

    Looking for a TF denka 240, preferably western handle but will consider wa handled ones too. Shoot me a PM and some pics, so long as there aren't any overgrinds, recurves, or the blade has been chipped before, I'll take a look at your offer. Edit: something with more lefty bias would definitely...
  17. lemeneid

    Lefty to righty trainer knives recommendation

    Looking for a trainer/beater usuba or yanagi. Good single beveled lefties are just too damn expensive so I'm gonna try and train my right hand instead. My right is semi-decent with the gyuto but isn't as precise or as quick yet but I'm getting the hang of it. But I also want to get into the...
  18. lemeneid

    Raising the cladding line

    how do you guys achieve this?? I’ve been thinning my TF because there is a part of the cladding that is almost touching the blade but the cladding doesn’t seem to be rising. There are no issues with the knife though, cuts really well, but I just don’t like uneven cladding. The lowest grit I’ve...
  19. lemeneid

    TF or Watanabe?

    After doing some research I’ve narrowed down my search to these two knives. I’m looking for a new 240 gyuto and am narrowing it down to these two. Anyone owns both and can offer opinions on it? I’m using a Mazaki Ku 210 now which is great but I’m looking for something longer now. It’s got to...
  20. lemeneid

    Genkai Masakuni... where do you buy/find/get one???

    Been trying to get a unicorn knife for a few months. Can someone point me in the correct direction?? Seems like his knives are even harder to come by than Katos or Shigefusas. No one online is selling them. Maksim doesn't even have a waiting list on his site for these. There's no BST on here...