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  1. billyO

    carbon damascus care?

    Just a little respect and care..... but seriously, all I do is rinse/wash as necessary immediately after use. Immediately wipe on a clean dry towel to get off as much waster as possible, set on the counter to air dry and then hang on my magnetic holders. I live in the rainy PNW and haven't had...
  2. billyO

    Any women knifemakers killing it?

    I'd have to agree with Haley DeRosiers and Andrea Lisch. (In the interest of full disclosure, I may be a bit biased because I'm lucky to be able to call Andrea a friend.)
  3. billyO

    working acids for etching/rust removal?

    Not sure how this would work for your application, (I'd probably stick with the baking soda or lemon) but there's a product called Evaporust that works pretty well and supposedly is non-toxic
  4. billyO

    Latest attempt at a seascape

    Hello all. Thought I'd share a picture of my latest blade just after hand sanding and etching. I'm getting closer to what I'm looking for in the seascape (see Custom Butcher's knife for a friend for my first attempt). I've got a 30 layer billet I'm going to try for the water on the next one...
  5. billyO

    Some recent work

    More good stuff, Harbeer. Thanks for sharing
  6. billyO

    What precautions against rust do you take in a hot, humid country?

    I'd say you're rusting issues are as much due to all the salt not just the humidity. Out here when I lived for 20+ years in the Cascades up in WA, we had similar humidity, but no salt and as long as my knives (all non-stainless simple carbon damascus) were dry before storing, I could go a...
  7. billyO

    my first gyuto

    Nice. What steel did you choose from JT's.
  8. billyO

    Recommend me the only toolkit I'll need for my home

    If you're looking for the only one tool that really works....
  9. billyO

    Kitchen Knife Glossary redux

    I encourage those with more knowledge than me in these things to chime in, but two possible advantages could be: (1) less carbon/tool steel is needed to make a blade, and (2) the increased(?) toughness of the blade due to less carbon steel in the knife/blade. I put that in parenthesis because...
  10. billyO

    Kitchen Knife Glossary redux

    The spine. When this was invented(?) steel was much more expensive than iron, so you can get a cutting edge using minimal steel. There was a video posted on KKF a bit ago that demonstrated this very well: Youtube AWESOME!
  11. billyO

    New to Knives - Looking For My First Gyuto

    Depending on where in the US you are located, if this isn't something you need/want in a week, you might want to consider looking for a local maker who can make what you want according to your requirements.
  12. billyO

    your take on natural drugs: weed, shrooms, ayahuasca, cactcii and so on.

    With the exception of cigarettes, possibly. ;)
  13. billyO

    First Wa style handle

    I just did a search for videos on using an induction heater for forge welding, and sorry to say, Bensbites, but found only one video where a blacksmith was using his induction heater to try to weld up a wheat twist handle. I'm still not convinced that would be useful or practical (and part of...
  14. billyO

    First Wa style handle

    Just so you don't think I'm a " 'net expert", I've got over 8 years experience blacksmithing and forge welding damascus billets, and yes, I use a propane forge with a forced air blower. What you might not understand is that in order to be successful you need to make sure there is no oxygen in...
  15. billyO

    First Wa style handle

    I'm not sure that an induction forge will be practical for home forge-welding, or even work. Heat isn't the most important thing when welding, it just makes things easier. In order to forge weld, a form of diffusion welding (which is really what forge welding is), you need what's known as a...
  16. billyO

    Getting up close and personal with Damascus Integral Bolsters

    Beautiful blade. Thanks for posting.
  17. billyO

    your take on natural drugs: weed, shrooms, ayahuasca, cactcii and so on.

    This is so true. Having said that, I recognize that the possibility exists that these types of drugs, in a controlled setting, could be used as a window to demonstrate what's out there in order to give folks the motivation to stick with the many years of hard work needed to get there without...
  18. billyO

    Hi all!

    Welcome! What part of Chi-Town? I grew up in a western 'burb and my sister still lives in Rogers Park area and I'm considering moving back there after Bear dies....
  19. billyO

    First Wa style handle

    I'll agree also. Well done. Can't wait to see your 1st attempt at a forged pattern welded blade....;)
  20. billyO

    PPE, but mostly Respirator Questions

    Not sure if these come with P100 filter options, but here's a less expensive version, but still not cheap.*air-pro