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  1. suntravel

    Spalted birch and cedar for knife handels

    Got some cool wood from a friend an try to make it to knife handels... I have not the right tools, but redneckstyle with chain and small tablesaw works :) Spalted birch needs stabilizing wich is running at the moment and the cedar must dry out more before use, hope its get well without...
  2. suntravel

    Stropping on medium grit stones

    For me the best way to get rid of burrs ist to do light short strokes edge leading, like sharpening about 45° to the edge. Gives a fine mikroserration and lots of bite. In comparison stropped edge trailing along the edge you get an wire edge with almost no bite and min. 50% less time on the...
  3. suntravel

    Guided sharpening

    After about 40 years of freehand sharpening, and some trys with Gatco or Edge Pro wich were not better or as convinent to use like sharpening on bench stones, i made a guided system build after an invention of an russian knife grinder... The movements are the same as grinding...
  4. suntravel

    Böhler K390

    An other hard to kill PM Steel. If the Grind is not to thin will cut bones without any chipping or loose of sharpness. HT is a bit tricky, but can be done good with an Evenheat and Dry Ice... Grind ist hollow on one side with 420mm contakt wheel, under the hollow grind it is convex, giving a...
  5. suntravel

    Vanadis 23

    Vanadis23 Gyuto @HRC69 mono or V23 San Mai with 1.4043 Regards Uwe
  6. suntravel

    New here

    Hello, my name is Uwe, I am an hobby knifemaker and cook from Germany. My focus is more on efficient kitchen tools than on looks, so I am experimenting with lots of different steels and grinds to get good knives for kitchen use. I started sharpening Knifes about over 40 vears ago since I was...