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  1. J

    Questions about Miyabun knives.

    Hi, back again with some questions after going through an old thread about Miyabun brand in Sapporo, since then has anyone ever tried their knives and what do you think about it? Might try their virgin carbon gyuto since I can get it here locally. Would like to hear from anyone first. Thanks...
  2. J

    Yoshikane white#2 or Tanaka white#2

    Hello, not currently looking for a knife. Just want to hear your thoughts on both of these knives if any of you have any experience on both. Since I'm rather new to knives, I have never used any from both blacksmiths but have been reading alot of good things about them. How do they compare and...
  3. J

    Help in identifying knives kanji

    Hello does anyones has more info or knows how to read these kanji? Does it says anything about its maker or place? Thanks
  4. J

    Masahiro knives review

    Hi, new member here and new to knives as well. Just want to ask about this particular brand since I can't seem to find a review on it. There's a shop near my place which sells only limited knives with mostly Tojiros, Yaxells and Masahiros, did an online search about it but it seems that not much...
  5. J


    New to knives. Been researching alot about it. Decided to join this forum. Thanks.