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  1. KO88

    eating a whole habanero??

    btw u sure that small brain like orange pepper was habanero? It looked like this? (it s 7pot brain strain yellow and it s really spicy like 5x spicier than habanero)
  2. KO88

    eating a whole habanero??

    u can eat whole and if u r not used to spicy u ll regret it and at the same time u ll get happy rush because of endorphins... If u r healthy (ok lungs and heart) nothing really bad can happen. Take yogurt and fatty things it works best... GL and make video 🙃
  3. KO88

    Toyama Cleaver

    No Toyama cleaver out there? Or nobody what to say how great it is? Or u sure that if anyone has it he wont sell it? 😄
  4. KO88

    Toyama Cleaver

    After recent purchase of Toyama 180 nakiri now I m really interested in the cleaver :) Only cleaver I gott is Takeda NAS small and very happy with it - I guess the Toyama will be totally different. So before I start chasing it I d like to ask more about it. How is it? What is usual weight? Is...
  5. KO88

    You can only keep 3 knives

    I think I could digest couple of more photos ;)
  6. KO88

    Toyama Love

    Love my toyamas! Specialy the 270 carbon gyuto (beast with 282g)! But also the single bevels are awesome! Does any of you use his hankotsu? So happy with it! btw JNS is the only place where to buy Toyama with the toyama kanji? Would love to try the cleaver (wat has one from him but it s with...
  7. KO88

    WTS Takeda nas cleaver small

    Have one and def keeper for me. Hell of a knife! GLWS
  8. KO88

    WTB Toyama 240 gyuto

    I ve SS and can imagine part with it. Only but is that it s 270 :) If you d be interested just PM me...
  9. KO88

    WTB Shapton pro rough grits and super grit (5k)

    Hi I have Shapton Pro 320 used couple of times... I dont have anything really rough to flaten it (lowest grit I have is Atoma 400)...
  10. KO88

    WTB Toyama carbon clad Nakiri (180) and Suji (300) or even cleaver/honyaki gyuto!

    Bump Still looking Will also consider 210 Carbon Clad nakiri
  11. KO88

    WTB Toyama carbon clad Nakiri (180) and Suji (300) or even cleaver/honyaki gyuto!

    Bump for Toyama still looking... Will also consider larger nakiri.
  12. KO88

    WTB Toyama carbon clad Nakiri (180) and Suji (300) or even cleaver/honyaki gyuto!

    Hi Im very happy with my toyamas and want to try em all... Would love to try shorter carbon clad nakiri, thats top on my toyama try list. Longest possible Suji. Cleaver would be also interesting. Super interested into comparing my CC 270 gyuto vs honyaki 270 gyuto. Im located in EU but Im...
  13. KO88

    Bought Cheap easy carbon gyuto 240 from EU

    Bump Was hoping to get more deals for lower price for used knives... Noone who bought new knife similar as he already has and want to send it on the road? I ll buy the ticket 😉
  14. KO88

    Bought Cheap easy carbon gyuto 240 from EU

    Thx Rolfk, looks good. How much does it weight? Price range: I d like to stay under 150€/160$ shipped. But just ask and send me what you have and how much you want... I can imagine in some cases like chunky 270 we can talk. and go little higher..
  15. KO88

    Bought Cheap easy carbon gyuto 240 from EU

    Hi, looking for some used cheap and carbon gyuto (230mm+) to practice sharpening and to be used as "travel knife". I would prefere something on heavier side. Used or bad finish is OK. Not destroyed or in need of total "rebuild"... It should be cheap so looking in europe... Thx for looking
  16. KO88

    Sharpenig Hankotsu

    Thx guys Im pretty sure that my toyama is not flat. But i guess i will put higher angle and stop on natsuya... might be good
  17. KO88

    Sharpenig Hankotsu

    Hi, I ve got Toyama Hankotsu and really not sure how to sharpen it. I use it mostly for chickens. First of all it is not "wide bevel" (again I just fu*** up the finish little bit so I know now :) ). I followed Jons (JKI) youtube for sharpening single bevels. So took it from very fine natusya (i...
  18. KO88

    WTS EM 1.2442 273mm Gyuto

    that was quick! Looks fantastic!