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    Bernal Cutlery Recommendations - What do you think?

    The Konosuke (Nihei) SLD looks sweet and comes with saya if you’re into that. He’s a Yoshikane disciple- good taper and generous flat spot (push/pull/chop). Holds a good edge, high-ish hrc (64?) and Reasonable to sharpen. <buy now> disclaimer I don’t have one but I have a Nihei bunka on the...
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    Knife Magnet Upgrade

    Here's the latest iteration of a covered stainless knife bar using furniture repair tape (amzn link). The color is "irregular pattern camel"- if that doesn't float your boat, there's ~ 30 different flavors. The texture is reminiscent of like 80s Naugahyde. No where in the amzn listing is it's...
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    Withdrawn Yoshikane 210 Gyuto, Kanehiro 150 Petty

    Here's my new grips. A great rec from @Ryan Adkins. Ogata SG2 135 and Yoshikane 210 ktip. I like the height on both of these knives at 36mm and 51mm.
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    Sakai Kikumori Nashiji

    The shape of these look like Matsubara by a different Tanaka- Katsuto Tanaka. https://chefknivesto
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    Sakai Kikumori Nashiji

    I'm late to the game here, but someone has to know about these knives. Tall, thin, ss clad and blue? @ 7.8oz it's near Mazaki territory. If the profile was different, i'd ask is this a Masashi in blue #2?
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    Withdrawn Yoshikane 210 Gyuto, Kanehiro 150 Petty

    I'm getting my yoshi ktip rehandled by Shihan because of your post.
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    Nihei SLD Gyuto

    With the height of a nakiri, that's a nice proposition. I was looking to pick it up and saw it was sold out. If anyone wants to catch and release, hit me up ;)
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    sub-$200 ss-clad carbon 240 choices

    $200 for 240 is tough. I have the Makoto Ryusei AS for you. It’s got a great grind on it- thin behind the edge and almost laser. AS isn’t as much fun to sharpen as a white or blue but really depends on your technique and stones. Less than a yr ago they sold on CKTG ~$210. Yes, If you can find...
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    Knife Magnet Upgrade

    oh... i like the leather idea. Gotta think about that one. The possibilities are endless
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    Knife Magnet Upgrade

    Recently i discovered my walnut knife magnet was putting some ever-so-fine scratches on my knives and did this mod with cork. I decide on using a stainless bar since they seem to be more powerful. I think it'll work better than my wood knife magnets, since those have a bit of slippery-ness to...
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    WTS Jobone 140mm Handle

    looks dope. it's just... not octagonal
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    But you fell out of love and sold it... It's a good looking grip. Might have to send one down there.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Yoshikane Hakata 180mm SKD in "ho". Sweet angles and curves with these ~ specs- height of 44.5mm base & 50mm at the hump, length 178mm, width 3mm at base 2mm midway. The "hump" is more pronounced in person and it feels shorter in hand than i thought it'd be. I'm not sure what it's for but I had...
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    tough time with VG10

    I had that experience with my only VG10 (Kurosaki) and was a little frustrated with it. I'm a pretty "new" sharpener, but I came back to it a few days after reading posts about focusing on getting a good edge at 1k. I redid my progressions with a good amount of time on the 1k Chosera. I also did...
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    👍 I’ll hit you on PM when the handle arrives in a couple of weeks
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    I was thinking within the seattle area- Just to eliminate the shipping for convenience, hassle and cost. I like those Shihan ash handles tho.
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    I'd like to replace a handle or two. Any suggestions for who to go to and what do I expect for the cost? Remove and install? The thought has crossed my mind to do it myself but kind of curious what the going rate is.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    and does the “JRNJUNE20” apply... lol
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    SOLD Shibata Kashima R2

    I have a kotetsu, the cousin of this knife. These are definitely lasers. Shibata knives are crazy thin behind the edge. Fun stuff for sure.
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    SOLD Tanaka blue #2 damascus 240

    Damn. Those were pretty hyped a while ago. Been wanting to check them out but the typical handle was ho and plastic ferrule. Are they pretty reactive?