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    What are your opinions about the most respected knife? (Piece of advice for new comers)

    On a recent facebook poll amongst my non knife nerd colleagues... The vote was almost universally Global! Not owning any of the Kato / Shigefusa ... my favourite cutter is my Toyama. But if I had to choose most respected... I would say whatever JKI recommend for me.
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    The knives of our wives

    On topic My partner uses the Laguoile steak knives with a plate most of the time. Or my Shun’s.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Yoichi 15 yesterday. Back to wine today. Exploring the Barossa Valley in Australia (from a wine point of view). Two Hands Ares 2009 ; Standish Shiraz 2015. Who knows what we'll drink tomorrow. Probably the Pappy 20. Or that bottle of SMWS (scotch malt whisky society) 12 year old sherried...
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    Preparing for COVID-19

    Cube the hot dogs and turn it into fried rice!
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    Preparing for COVID-19

    As an attending physician... Let’s just say we’re in for interesting and not particularly enjoyable times. The impact on health services and economy are only just beginning to ripple. At least if we have to self isolate, we have our knives and time to do food prep right?
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    bikes bikes bikes

    I'll play... Having sold my Collage C60 ... I know I won't get 'upgraditis" from this forever bike. It rolls so very, very well. Moots Vamoots CR. Made to measure titanium. ENVE 3.4 GenII. Campag SR mechanical. Understated, classical elegance. It's responsive and whilst it's not as...
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    What grit do you finish your knives on?

    I usually start at 1k and then perhaps the blue synthetic Aoto from JNS
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    2020 bucket list

    Probably should use the knives that I have more than I do. It's hard to find time for food prep given a busy job ; university study and a baby in tow. Favourite is a Kipp Honyaki that is beautiful. And deserves more use. I love the knife. Closely followed by a Toyama gyuto. Purchased shortly...
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    mazaki knives

    Think there was only one. Well done. What makes it more special than the other KNS mazaki?
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    Shun isn’t that bad. It’s just not that great value for money. There’s nothing that exciting about the steel, nor the profile. They’re still good, low maintenance knives. The Santoku (if you like the style) and paring are very good. The high tip on the chefs knife doesn’t appeal to some ...
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    SOLD Kippington W2 Honyaki 210mm

    I have a 240mm “big brother” similar to this in W2 and it is my favourite knife. The edge and feel on the Kipp Honyaki ... everything from the heat treat to the grind... someone will be very very happy with this. It’s a knife to be used.
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    Food Release: Stiction and the Grind

    Fascinating thread. Kip makes good knives and pursues the science behind them. (n=1 happy customer here)
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Nothing too special. Trying to slowly bottle kill a Linkwood 25 bottling to make some more room
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    SOLD Kippington Left-Handed 240mm WH Gyuto

    Beautiful. I’d jump at this if I didn’t already have a Kipp (which has been a fantastic cutter, right out of the postal tube)
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    What is your favorite stainless/semistainless steel knives and why

    Toyama stainless clad blue. It’s just so good. And easy to maintain. I have not had to thin it but an excellent cutter. I have a Sakura Syousin ginsan that’s a bit thick and heavy. But that shun 180mm classic santoku gets a lot of use (and abuse) as an all round petty. Sometimes I just can’t...
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    Difference between Kagekiyo and Gesshin Kagekiyo

    Agree best to give JKI a call or an email. My understanding is that Gesshin is JKI's house brand - i.e. the knives have been ordered with input from JKI, to their standard or preferences and that they are then sold as Gesshin with that standard in mind. And also with the customer service that...
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    hasegawa cutting board

    Knives and stones. Thanks love kind. Easy to clean, well made. Sturdy and just ordered a second!
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    use of a Santoku

    The Shun classic is 180mm I find after being used to larger, anything feels a bit short. Especially if you want to do single pull slicing
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    Hi KKF, I am back :)

    Welcome back! And if you're into Japanese whisky, would be delighted to have a discussion on that. I remember when Bennelong had the Yamazaki 25 and Hibiki 30 just in (chef had just returned from Japan) at $125 a dram. I ordered one for my partner (now wife) ... who blind tasted it and remarked...
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    use of a Santoku

    It's like a taller petty. That's what I use mine for. The santoku I have is the Shun. It doesn't excel in any area. But it adequately does small jobs, from slicing a lemon in half ; quartering tomato and just light prep easier than a smaller 120mm petty and easier to wave around than a 240mm...