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  1. Salty dog

    My Little World

    My little beautiful Caledonia, WI. featured on locally produced public television show "Around the Corner." If you want to skip the unique qualities of the area our part starts around the 22 minute mark.
  2. Salty dog

    Knife Art

    I am selling this painting I did several years ago at a charity event benefitting the Wisconsin Humane Society. Before I do I thought I'd offer it here. ALL of the proceeds will be donated. It's 18 x 24 oil on canvas. It will be for sale for $400.00 at the event. I'll take bids here for 48 hours...
  3. Salty dog

    New York City Suggestions?

    Going to be hanging out in the big apple for a couple days next week. Any suggestions on what to see, do, eat? I've been before so I'm not doing the usual tourist thing. I'll be making the mandatory Korin stop but no other real plans. Looking to eat casual, experience not-the-usual stuff and...
  4. Salty dog

    FWIW....... Did The Math

    It isn't worth much but maybe appropriate in "Back of the house". It also helps explain where I'm coming from. I sat down and tried to figure out how many meals I've served in my career so far........1,769,000 and counting. (Give or take a few thousand.) A mix of high volume, corporate and...
  5. Salty dog

    Former Employee Finding Success

    My daughter's classmate and she bussed for us when she was in high school. Imagine my surprise when I was paging through this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Hard worker, excellent busser. [/URL][/IMG]
  6. Salty dog

    Michael Rader Slicer

    [/URL][/IMG] Made when he was a Junior Smith.
  7. Salty dog

    Humble Advice for Pro Cooks

    February 3rd of this month marked my 40th year of cooking professionally. Yes, I remember the day I fell in love with this business. If I can pass anything along for anyone who plans to make it a life long career it's "take care of yourself". Both mentally and physically. Eat well, sleep...
  8. Salty dog

    Knives and Guitars

    Two of my favorite things. Until recently I never realized the similarities. The same could be said about cooking and music. My original guitar instructor approached teaching in a very traditional way. Read music and translate that to playing the notes on the guitar. Much like how people are...
  9. Salty dog

    Hiromoto Honyaki

    240 Hiromoto Honyaki There's no crying in the kitchen.
  10. Salty dog

    Now That's a Knife.

  11. Salty dog

    Finally Getting Paid

    I monetized my videos and never really made an effort to get paid. So awhile ago I looked to see what I had coming. Worth an effort to start the process. They (Google Adsense) really didn't make it easy. So after several attempts I've been notified that they are sending a payment. So after...
  12. Salty dog

    Old Member Check In

    I don't remember how to do anything anymore. It appears I'm no longer able to post videos or photos and have no clue how to delete a post. Oh well, it's probably better for the current community that way. Have a nice day.
  13. Salty dog

    Break what?

    I don't pay too much attention to my youtube channel these days so when I get a bunch of notifications from y.t. out of the blue I have to wonder? Evidently one was posted on a popular site and it's getting play. I like messing with the dudes commenting. The last time this happened it...
  14. Salty dog

    It's official

    I can officially call myself an artist. I've been commissioned to do this in 40 x 40. This is a practice piece. She lives in Florida. Lime in the coconut. (Lame)
  15. Salty dog

    Working Part Time Off Site

    For the first time in 25 years I'll be working in a foreign kitchen. I haven't had to worry about knife rolls, theft, etc. This will be very interesting. Not to mention I've worked with the same guys for ten years. Very interesting indeed. Start Thursday morning.
  16. Salty dog


    I lost a friend and employee yesterday. Not my first. There is always a way. Believe me. Freakin dark day.
  17. Salty dog

    Portland. Need help.

    One of my guys is traveling to Portland for a little vacation next week. He would really like to absorb some Portland culinary skill. He's a good guy despite being a hipster and foodie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Salty dog

    A Different Side of Us?

    I thought Jon's post about the "other side" was interesting. I'm curious about your "other sides"? I have a couple. Here's one.
  19. Salty dog

    For my 2000th post..........

    You get nothin And I ordered a knife!
  20. Salty dog

    Killer Weekend

    I would like to take this moment to give my props to all those line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers etc. who worked their butts off tonight. Best of luck to you after shift.