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  1. alterwisser

    WTB Dalman Suji

    Can buy or trade for juicy stuff ... lemme know what you’re looking for
  2. alterwisser

    Moving (with) knives

    I thought I had asked this before but I can’t find anything (story of my life haha).... We are moving to a new country (again) soon. Last time I oiled the knives, then wrapped them in clear film, then kitchen paper and/or newspaper. The movers now said it’s not allowed, they need to SEE what...
  3. alterwisser

    WTT Package of 3 Raquins

    Hi, I have the following 3 Raquins: 240ish Gyuto 280 Suji Nakiri I won’t sell them and I won’t separate them. Only trade them as a package deal for one nice/special knife .... 3for1 or none haha.... let me know what you got. No singles, no Japanese ... only Western makers! edit: forgot...
  4. alterwisser

    WTB Cleaver(s)

    Who cares about Gyutos? I want more cleavers. what’s out there? looking for something “special”. Customs, semi customs, re-handled .... no $10 Wokshop babies ;) Can buy outright or offer trades ....
  5. alterwisser


    What can I say? i love his knives .... I need more! looking for: Small Cleaver Suji Triple Grind Gyutos - 230 and Longer, preferably tall at heel... Can pay cash or offer sweet, sweet knives as trade bait ...
  6. alterwisser

    WTT Tall Takeda Gyuto

    Looking for a tall 65+ Takeda Gyuto, preferably the old grind ... Let me know what you got and what you’re looking for in a trade. I got plenty ....
  7. alterwisser

    WTB Watanabe Pro 240 KU Gyuto

    Title says it all .. Only PRO model, only KU ... no handle is fine, or with whatever handle you got. Open to trades as well. Thanks
  8. alterwisser

    WTT or buy: Custom Honesuki

    I have a very simple Honesuki and been using it quite a bit now ... wasn't sure if I'd ever use one, so I went for a cheaper one first. Considering upgrading to a nice(r) one, potentially custom. Would consider non custom with custom handle as well ... Edit: i’m right handed
  9. alterwisser

    Epicedge data breach

    Not sure if this is knowledge here already ... But there was a big data breach called collection 1 (or rather a data dump, sorry) that just made the news yesterday ... I checked my email addresses and it showed that mine was obtained from the epicedge customer database and pasted onto a public...
  10. alterwisser

    WTB Dalman - whatever you got

    my favorite maker .... hunting for more! Let me know what you got.... Petty, Gyuto, Cleaver ... doesn’t matter. Purchase or do trades .... whatever you want!
  11. alterwisser

    WTB Sugimoto No6

    What the title says ... looking for a Sugi No6 ... Preferably in Europe, but doesn't really matter ... Hit me up. Straight sale or trade ... let me know what you're looking for in a trade. I got plenty.
  12. alterwisser

    Just some Gyutos ....

  13. alterwisser

    Cancel supporting member subscription

    I haven’t really been using the forum much if any lately and my wife is giving me Flak for the subscription showing up on our bill every year.... Would like to cancel, but the menu options don’t show any way of doing this. When I go into the subscription section it only offers me to subscribe...
  14. alterwisser

    WTT (for) Devin Thomas Gyuto

    Wanted one for a while, never really had a shot at getting one ... Would prefer to trade something for it, but if you prefer Cash, we can talk ... I have a long list of knives I'd consider for trades, so let me know what you're looking for. Comet, Watanabe, Dalman, Bloodroot, Toyama, Laseur...
  15. alterwisser

    Recommends for Tampa/Sarasota/Bradenton area?

    We’re in Anna Maria Island for a bit.... Looks like weather won’t be amazing for a day or two, so I thought it might be worth driving a bit for a good food experience.... Not super fine dining.... something unique, authentic.... good burger recommendation always welcome as well!
  16. alterwisser

    Mert Tansu Western Gyuto

    Looking for any type of Western handled Tansu Gyuto. Mono, San Mai, Honyaki.... Not longer than 270, but anything less works just fine, ideally 230-245ish.... Can buy or trade. Have some interesting stuff including hard (or impossible in US) to get Xerxes
  17. alterwisser

    (Almost) all of my knives ....

    Recently had to do an inventory for the movers insurance.... Thought I'd all lay them out for a group shot. Missing are a Billipp, Fowler, Watanabe Nakiri, Misono Honesuki and Laseur Boning knife
  18. alterwisser

    Moving with knives - advice needed

    Hi, We are moving overseas in a couple of weeks. Was wondering if you have any advice how to pack the knives. We have a white glove moving service, but I wanna prep them myself. Was thinking oil on blades (and handle where needed), then this anti corrosion paper (any source where to order...
  19. alterwisser

    Funky re-handled knife

    Bear with me, this might be a bit odd. I'm looking for a (Gyuto, Nakiri or Bunka, maybe Petty) that has been re-handled with some fancy dyed wood, mammoth tooth or the likes. Something funky .... No preference in terms of makers. I know it sounds weird. There's a specific reason for this...
  20. alterwisser

    Cut Brooklyn Carbon

    Don't think too many are out there in these circles, but just trying to see what's out there. Carbon only, Petty or Gyuto. Preferably wood handle, but not a must ....