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  1. nutmeg

    SOLD Gyuto 280mm custom Milan Gravier

    For sale, this beautiful knife, new in box, never used and with felt saya: $450 280mm San mai mild steel + C130 Edge is 280mm long, 55mm high at heel, 4 to 0.9mm thick, 248 grams. Handle is made with a brass collar and a nice bahia palissander with nice red deep color in it. The handle is...
  2. nutmeg

    Bought Cheap gyutos/santokos (crappy Shun, Global, etc..) Stainless and carbon

    Hi there, last Thursday I had to sharpen knives for my co-workers and unfortunately the knives have been stolen on the way! Now, I owe them two-three knives. 1-2 stainless knives and 1 carbon would be optimal. Blade length around 20cm (160-240 or even 270mm) I'm not very picky with the...
  3. nutmeg

    WTS Nakayama Suita

    Beautiful Nakayama Suita with glossy wooden base. 171*70*15mm $230 This stone give a very elegant finish! A kind of hollographic mirror with nice and subtle contrast. It gives a fine black slurry very fast. waffle house wilmington nc menu
  4. nutmeg


    Ohara Asagi 207*73*29 mm sealed $700 shipped worldwide with DHL Premium (Premium is a service including a quicker shipping, a higher insurance and naturally, a tracking number) This Ohira Asagi is an easy stone for close-to-mirror effect on the core and matte clad, so the contrast remains very...
  5. nutmeg

    smurf your scratchy knives great again!

    Have fun!
  6. nutmeg

    The Quest For The Holy Grind

    if I don't share this project with you guys, I won't share any ;)
  7. nutmeg

    for the beauty of handcraft

    STAY HOME. :Iagree: We're doing this kindly and it s*ucks. But.. In a way it's a period giving us the chance to take the time for doing things well. I'd like to start a move :)(but don't really know how) Could we imagine knife makers use this time in order to produce their own "reference"...
  8. nutmeg

    Ultimate knife?

    We collect knives and the very top of our collection is seldom the best cutting tool but the biggest quantity of handcraft put into a blade. The kitchen knife as piece of art. Every time I'm holding this blade I'm thinking Is it possible to find a better one? hmmm... Have I already seen one...
  9. nutmeg

    WTS Proxxon SP/E, the wheel sharpener

    Small wheel sharpener Proxxon SP/E, used a couple of times only. 75€ including an additional set of "wheels", still in box. Retail price: 23€ Shipping in Europe from 6,49 to 15,99€ Proxxon is a very, very serious brand here in Germany. Here are some pictures. For the infos, you can check on...
  10. nutmeg

    Make the Ura great again!

    Hi sharpening fellows, A friend showed me a yanagiba with an ura in modest condition. He sent it to a famous sharpener in Japan (I forgot his name) for repair and we both were hoping this would get smooth and the knife in a healthy condition. I am afraid the guy failed totally and am really...
  11. nutmeg

    WTS Cheap Ohira Uchigumori

    For sale, two middle soft Ohira Uchigumori. Both give amazing results but they are on the smaller side, so smaller price :) Here with the Uchigumori #1: #1 164*60*32mm sealed $240 shipped worldwide tracking number Very fast uchigumori with soft feeling, it gives a very good contrast on...
  12. nutmeg

    WTS Ikarashi-do

    Ikarashi-do with nice emerald color from Sanjo. This Jnat leaves a 1500-2000 grit finish. You can soak it 20 minutes in fresh water before use for better results. 201*84*63mm 2,33 kg $110
  13. nutmeg

    KASUMI on a KATO !?!

    kkf-fellows, 2020 is bringing epic challenges will I succeed? :-/ to be continued..
  14. nutmeg

    WTS KASUMI-CUSTOM Watanabe Yanagi 240mm. GORGEOUS!

    Watanabe yanagiba 240mm Blue#2 Ho Octogonal handle and friction saya . Beautiful match with the white horn hilt! With Original box. (Usually I wax the handle and saya and I can do it if you want but I find the whole knife very beautiful in its actual condition) $500 shipped worldwide with...
  15. nutmeg

    sharpening a Benriner Mandoline

    I sharpened the blade from my beloved Super Benriner mandoline in order to be able to slice rope mangos very thin and other crazy things. Even with a small micro bevel it became not bad:
  16. nutmeg

    Honyaki Okishiba Masakuni..EPIC!

    about the restoration of a honyaki made by the legendary Okishiba Masakuni:
  17. nutmeg

    WTS Ohira magic... price drop!

    Prices are including a shipping worldwide with tracking number and some finger stones #1 Ao renge _ $1050 #2 Huge uchigumori _$950 shipped #3 ultimate honyaki uchigumori_ $950 shipped #4_ $500 #5_ $380 #9_ $190 #10_$175 #14_$330 #15_$260 #16_$170 #17_$200 #18_$390 #19_$230 Ohira...
  18. nutmeg

    Traded beautiful Watanabe 300mm Yanagiba Kintaro Ame Ku with Saya

    beautiful Watanabe 300mm Yanagiba Kintaro Ame Ku with Saya $1100 incl. Paypal and shipping worldwide ( if you prefer an alternative to Paypal or if you live in Eu, we can talk ;-) ) This is the one from my avatar. Zero low spots, top geometry White#1 with beautiful kintaro ame Kuruchi...
  19. nutmeg

    SOLD Keijiro Doi kiritsuke 270 mm (kasumi-mirror)

    Keijiro Doi kiritsuke 270 mm $1000 incl. shipping worldwide with insurance and Paypal. If the knife has to be shipped in Europe, if you prefer an alternative to Paypal, we can talk ;-) No low spots, you can sharpen the knife daily with your favorite benchstone. If you use a soft uchigumori...
  20. nutmeg


    Yanagiba IKEDA Honyaki White#2 300mm Measurements: From heel to tip: +- 294mm thickness at the heel: +- 4mm Height at the tip: +- 37mm $2500 Including Paypalfees, a DHL shipping worldwide with tracking number and insurance ..and the exact finger stones you need in order to maintain...