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  1. brianh

    Spicy stir fry/wok recipes wanted

    Wokshop order should come this week and I’m anxious to try out my new wok over a charcoal chimney. Looking for some spicy recipes. TIA!
  2. brianh

    Who’s wokking on their BGE?

    Anyone using a CGS spider and a wok? I think I would prefer a wok with a long, upright handle to flip the wok. I don’t see too many woks with a handle like this. Opinions?
  3. brianh

    Giveaway: magnetic knife rack

    11”x 2 3/8”. I’m still playing around with making knife racks for myself and friends. This was my prototype for trying different knives and magnet placements, so i figured I would finish it up and give it away. Maple with wenge veneer. All oiled and buttered up. It’s not absolutely...
  4. brianh

    Another DIY magnetic knife rack

    ive had some 1/8” wenge lying around, aching to do something with it. Decided to try another knife rack, a small one, to fit on the side of my kitchen cabinet over the sink. Magnets: n52 neodymium rare earth, 1/2” x 1/8” thick from eBay. About $.40 each. I routed 1/2” holes about 1/16” down...
  5. brianh

    Another “recommend me a wa-sujihiki” thread

    Looking for a suji to use almost exclusively for slicing cooked/smoked meats. 270mm minimum, doesn’t have to be stainless. Wa handle. Absolute max budget is $250. Mazaki? Thanks!
  6. brianh

    SOLD 210mm Kochi wa gyuto, all carbon

    Love it, but it’s not getting used much and I need to spend the $ elsewhere. Silly thin behind the edge, light home use. Couple light scratches and has a patina. Stropped once to bring back the edge otherwise never sharpened. $250 new from JKI, and is currently out of stock. $200 shipped and...
  7. brianh

    Brisket flats at Restaurant Depot?

    Anyone ever seen? I’ve only seen the whole packers. I’d call but not many English speakers at the one by me. My local Costco is out and I want to get a pastrami going.
  8. brianh

    Fogo charcoal?

    Anyone use? I’m intrigued for my BGE.
  9. brianh

    Can’t smell or taste

    Going on about 3 weeks now. Very little sense of smell or taste. My sinusitis has gotten to the point where I need to get roto rootered. Had the procedure about 20 years ago and it’s so not pleasant. This time I need my deviated septum on both sides corrected along with sucking out all the...
  10. brianh

    Ugly Delicious on Netflix

    Started watching tonight and really enjoying. Anyone else? I’m going to start researching neopolitan pizza recipes to make in my BGE.
  11. brianh

    Monzento jnat

    Big a$$ monzento. If you saw from recent thread, this arrived to me split. I epoxied it to a pvc base, sprayed the sides with enamel, and lapped the top. I'm new to jnats, but it works just fine and is... well... solid as a rock. Leaves a fine scratch pattern for kasumi and seems pretty...
  12. brianh

    Broken jnat. Usable?

    Got this giant monzento today in a trade. Arrived split in half. The crack is what you see in the top pic, both halves come apart. I guess I would have to try and flatten the bottom a bit just to make it stable? How would I do that? Was a very fair trade in my favor, so if usable I'm...
  13. brianh

    Type of wood for jnat base

    Does it matter? Dave's tutorial said he uses cypress, others use cedar, teak.. does the type of wood matter much if the wood not lacquered?
  14. brianh

    My first jnat for kasumi finishing

    Im a total beginner to jnats. I have a bunch of gesshin synthetic stones, atoma 140, and get good results on my various knives, but none are finishing stones for kasumi. Would like something around $100 that would be a decent finisher on kasumi knives. Never used a jnat aside from playing with...
  15. brianh

    2nd time at kasumi finish, ehhhh

    Practicing on a free knife that had some rust. Started on gesshin 400, then 2000, then jinzo aoto. Not horrible but I need guidance. I'm trying to push the shinogi up a bit, then go back and hit near the edge to the edge. I feel like I'm rolling near the edge. Also, scratches have to be...
  16. brianh

    Painful question. How to overcook part of standing beef rib roast?

    Some of my guests will only eat ruined beef. They require medium to medium well. I'm roasting a 10 pound rack at 500 for 50 minutes then shutting off oven for two hours til med rare. How can I destroy a small part of it? Slice and sear? Stick a small hunk in the convection oven or regular oven?
  17. brianh

    Roast identification. What is this? "Bottom chuck."

    Thought I'd ask this in a new thread not in sous vide sub forum. I ordered a big chuck roast and got this. What is a bottom chuck roast? It shouldn't be bottom round, which isn't a part of the chuck. I've never heard of bottom chuck. Intent was to sear, sous vide this for a couple days...
  18. brianh

    Dan Prendergast 240mm gyuto with custom wa handle

    Considering selling this new purchase. Used in my home kitchen to prep garlic, a big tray of root veggies, and carve a turkey. Custom ordered to be just like one priezzo got a while back. All carbon workhorse with big spine that thins to a nimble tip, great distal taper. Convex grind that...
  19. brianh

    London broil

    I've read mixed things here on it done via sous vide, but I'm going to try it this weekend. Was too good of a price to pass up. I've got two slabs of beef, each about 1.5 pounds each. Any advice? I was thinking dry rub with s+p, garlic and onion powder, smoked paprika, little brown sugar...