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  1. Devon_Steven

    Just for fun... mystery choil shot

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer from the choil shot? For some scale, the height at the heel is 59mm...
  2. Devon_Steven

    De Buyer Prima Matera: are these prices real?!!

    £300 to £600 per single pan/pot... surely this can't be right..?|producttype|pans|O;P|brand|brand-debuyer|O;P|series|series-prima-matera(debuyer|O&sortorder=2 If it is right, who buys pans at this price, and why? --...
  3. Devon_Steven

    Thinning a knife with damascus cladding

    My friend has a Shiro Kamo 240 mm gyuto, core aogami #2, damascus cladding, originally from CleanCut in Sweden. I'm going to help him with his first thinning, but first, I want to ask: (i) my only experience of thinning a damascus-clad knife is my own Tanaka 240mm B2 gyuto - and that is...
  4. Devon_Steven

    Mini cleaver

    Not my handiwork, just something I came across on Facebook. But others may enjoy it (or not)...
  5. Devon_Steven

    Monkfish liver: ideas?

    Picked up some very well-priced monkfish liver at a market in Truro, Cornwall at the weekend. Any suggestions on what to do with it? Non-Japanese ideas preferred as I have zero Japanese ingredients in the store cupboard.
  6. Devon_Steven

    Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential on BBC radio

    There are five episodes here, on the BBC's iPlayer on-demand radio service: Seems to be an updated version with contemporary references. Useful for KKF members, like me, who hear references the Kitchen Confidential from out state-side members...
  7. Devon_Steven

    How to deal with an overgrind on the edge

    This Tanaka Blue#2 gyuto is a really great knife, it cuts very well and I am very impressed by its edge retention. However, it arrived with a low spot/overgrind on and around the edge on the left-hand side of the blade (you can see it at the bottom left corner of the youtube play button)...
  8. Devon_Steven

    Mystery knives

    Apologies for the lack of photographs... At a Christmas get-together in someone's house yesterday and I spotted the knife rack... The knives were based on Japanese blade profiles (gyuto, santoku and bunka). Handles were nice burl wood, light in colour. Steel looked like stainless...
  9. Devon_Steven

    Seasoning my new 32cm De Buyer Acier Carbone

    The whole process here: When this pan arrived from it wasn't in great condition; the packaging was all torn and dirty and the pan was covered in marks and had a few scratches. It also got a little rusty...
  10. Devon_Steven

    Mineral oil:beeswax ratio

    I recently found and read some useful threads about members' experiences with various mineral oil:beeswax ratios for making board wax. Now I can't find the threads! Neither by forum search nor by site-specific google searches :( One thread in particular is a photographic report where the...
  11. Devon_Steven

    My first attempt at salami

    Some pictures here: Started off with a rare-breed (and small) pig's shoulder and a honesuki and ended up with some pretty decent salami. Only disappointment has been that some of the fat clumped together and created...
  12. Devon_Steven

    Which Japanese knife for slicing smoked salmon?

    Almost all of my fish slicing activities involve smoked salmon. Any experience of which J knives perform well at this? I'm thinking yanagiba, for obvious reasons, but maybe there are others... As I'm sure I don't need to point out, typically the slice is very thin, but also relatively...
  13. Devon_Steven

    Watanabe - shipping cost to EU..?

    Anybody know how much Watanabe charges (approx.) for shipping a single knife to an EU destination? The web site mentions JPY2,600 for worldwide delivery of a 4 knife set... just wondering (roughly) how much one knife might cost.
  14. Devon_Steven

    30 minute BBC film of the making a Japanese-style knife

    Came across this lovely little production quite by accident... The bladesmith is Owen Bush.... anyone used his knives? Steven
  15. Devon_Steven

    What grit paper for smoothing spine and choil?

    Any recommendations for wet and dry grit size/s for smoothing out spines and choils (carbon steel)? Steven
  16. Devon_Steven

    Kitchen knives in Thailand - looking for suggestions

    I have a trip to Thailand coming up... any suggestions for interesting knives there?
  17. Devon_Steven

    The function of the bolster..?

    I don't want to take another thread off-topic, so I'll ask the question here... keithsaltydog commented here that Which got me to wondering, what is the purpose of the bolster on a kitchen knife?
  18. Devon_Steven

    Itinomonn Kurouchi Nashiji 210mm Wa Gyuto – review

    Itinomonn Kurouchi Nashiji 210mm Wa Gyuto I should start by saying this was my first handmade Japanese knife so I can’t really compare it to any others. For several years I had been using a Furi (180mm-ish) Santoku. I’d been quite happy with the performance of that knife (not knowing...
  19. Devon_Steven

    Recommendations for a manual / pull-through sharpener

    I would like to buy a manual / pull-through sharpener (or similar) as a gift for a couple who have no interest in kitchen knives other than wanting to keep their stainless steel knives sharp. I'd like to get them something decent that will do a good job and also last for a few years. Upper...
  20. Devon_Steven

    Newish member in UK (home cook)

    Hi, Discovered this forum while searching for a replacement santoku last October. I didn't get a santoku... instead I now have a gyuto, a honesuki and a set of good stones! Have been enjoying the forum - very high standard of information and excellent quality of politeness. Some...