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    Knife Magnet Upgrade

    Recently i discovered my walnut knife magnet was putting some ever-so-fine scratches on my knives and did this mod with cork. I decide on using a stainless bar since they seem to be more powerful. I think it'll work better than my wood knife magnets, since those have a bit of slippery-ness to...
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    If you're in the Seattle/Seatac area, I thought we'd get this going for local area resources. Let's talk knife shops, blacksmiths, woodworkers, sharpening resources, whatever. I'm going to @ a few folks to see if we can get this kick-started @Danzo @gregfisk @captaincaed @SeattleBen @dan. Ready...
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    Hello from Seattle!

    I'm a newbie in the J-knives world. Home cook, who recently built the collection. Novice sharpener with 320,800,2000,3000,5000 stones. The couple of Shun's are for guests.