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    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    After few experiences with Shirogami, I tend to avoid it. I much prefer Aogami flavours.
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    Pizza cutter sharpening

    When the family is over Maguro Kiri is out for that party size pizzas.
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    Question about angle for amateur home sharpener

    But but but HHT :’(
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    Question about angle for amateur home sharpener

    The guides that measure the distance from the spine to the stone, like stack of coins, will not give you a consistent angle for each knife. It depends on how tall/wide the blade is (petty vs gyuto vs cleaver). I like the approximation of half of 90 degree is 45 and then half of that distance is...
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    The wall

    All in all its just another knife on the wall
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    Just get a Ginga? The ultimate one-size fits all newbie recommendation?

    I have a Ginga and I guess it could be a good beginners knife, but I have not used it in a loooong while. Hence, personally, I would not recommend it. Kono HD2 is a better option if laser mono is what one is looking for.
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    Professional thinning (Canada)

    You can try KNIFE Toronto - its located in DT not too far from Kensington Market. However, I have no clue of their quality of work.
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    Flatting stones

    I try to keep it flat all the time. I much prefer spending 30 seconds every other time than a 5 minutes long session once in a while. Overall its up to you personal preference and your tolerance for a dished stones.
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    Flatting stones

    I use Atoma 140 for regular maintenance. If the stone is very dished, loose SiC powder (90grit) on a glass works fine.
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    Will a Chosera 800 and a Rika 5000 Play Together Nicely?

    Chosera/Pro 800 followed by Rika will be fine. You might want to buy another stone in ~300-500 range. Setting bevels or doing minor fixes on Chosera 800 is quite frustrating. Think about Chosera 800 as 1200+ type of stone. Good stone to add will be Chosera/Pro 400 which is about 600grit and has...
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    Favorite 1k stone?

    For 1K - Shapton Pro 1000 Slightly finer - Gesshin 2000 For a all in one kinda of solution - Naniwa Pro/Chosera 800
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    Sharpening, sitting or standing

    I never tried sitting, there is no space in my flat for this. Sharpening standing using sink bridge is way to go for me. However, I have hard time picturing sharpening in sitting position and being comfortable in the process.
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    Globals - where to go with these? (newbie sharpener)

    OP you are right. Globals are overpriced shite. Throw them away immediately, they don't even worth to be donated. On an oposite side, if you like using them thats okay too. Enjoy the ride.
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    How much blade length variance do you expect/accept?

    If there is a machi gap, then I expect about 10mm less for the edge length. If there is no machi gap then I expect ~3mm variance. For western maker, well, need to ask how they measure.
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    Experiences with touch controls on ranges?

    I appreciate your input. I don’t really do multi-rack baking (perhaps because it just does not work in my current oven). I mostly use oven to make breads, pizza, meat pies and long stews or roasts. Also banana bread and brownies from time to time. I use pizza steel for most of bread needs (not...
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    Experiences with touch controls on ranges?

    I noticed that LG range has this "ProBake" oven, that they market as a great feature. I am not too convinced tbh. Basically, they remove the bottom heating element and just use the "true" convection back wall element for everything. For instance the GE Profile has the same wattage (2500W) "true"...
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    Experiences with touch controls on ranges?

    All the research I've done indicates to avoid Samsung for most of the major appliances, induction is not an exception. It also appears that induction failures are normal occurrences, unfortunately. Getting a brand with solid support and available parts is very beneficial and Samsung is not know...
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    Experiences with touch controls on ranges?

    For almost $15K CAD its better be :)
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    Experiences with touch controls on ranges?

    From your experiences what do you think about GE Profile implementation?
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    Do you “Q-P”?

    This is the trick I use to make my mayo, works perfectly and it so much easier compared to the traditional slow pour method. While the risk is low, it's always best to pasteurize your eggs. And no, the 5 minute hot water trick, does not do it. I found that using sousvide 135F for 60-75min works...