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    Show your newest knife buy

  2. Kgp

    Cutting Board Advice

    If you could squeeze a little more, John at the Boardsmith has some nice ones in the $200 range with free shipping over $200. Lifetime investment. I have a 3 inch 18x24 walnut that my grandkids can fight over when I’m gone. His maple boards are more reasonable. He’s also a forum vendor.
  3. Kgp

    Show your newest knife buy

    New gem from Martin Huber! 214x53 174g Poplar burl His pics because mine suck.
  4. Kgp

    WTS *open to offers* Blanc Creatives 13" Rondeau

    Do you know if a lid is available? Didn’t see one on their web page.
  5. Kgp

    Hello from TX

    Great place to learn, but hang on to your wallet! The longer you’re here, the more temptations arise!
  6. Kgp


    You’ve come to the right place! Welcome.
  7. Kgp

    Greetings from Hungary

    Welcome. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  8. Kgp

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Nice start! Welcome.
  9. Kgp

    Hi from Northern Australia.

    Glad you are here. Welcome.
  10. Kgp

    Guided Sharpening Systems?

    I have a TSPROF and it works well.
  11. Kgp

    Hello from South Korea

    Great place to learn. Welcome.
  12. Kgp

    Hello Everyone

    65? Good start!
  13. Kgp

    Hello from Las Vegas

    You have come to the right place! Welcome.
  14. Kgp

    Hi from South Africa

    Great place to learn. Welcome.
  15. Kgp

    Hi From Germany

    Welcom. Great place to learn and shop.
  16. Kgp

    Hello from LA!

    I’m sure you will find many dream knives here, probably too many as you chase your holy grail! Welcome.
  17. Kgp

    Hello from Maryland

    Great place to learn about both. Welcome.
  18. Kgp

    Hello from NY!

    Nice knives! Welcome.
  19. Kgp

    Hello from a home cook

    Looks like you’re evolution us coming along nicely. Welcome.