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  1. Bensbites

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    I am seeing mixed reviews of these on the blade smithing group. Tracking issues. Other things.
  2. Bensbites

    holy $$$$! Le Creuset!

    I have a lodge, I would buy it again. I have also heard good things about tramotina (sp?) from Costco.
  3. Bensbites

    Instagram can take its double standard and **** off

    I was shadow banned during this. I clicked appeal and was back in the recommended zone in 12 hrs. Option one. IG AI messed up. It's free ... how can I complain. Option two. This was intended as way to create buzz and traffic.
  4. Bensbites

    Advice needed: new dragging knife

    When you cut paper you are testing the edge, the APEX. Like piercing the skin of a tomato. When you cut food. The thickness and geometry behind the edge are more important.
  5. Bensbites

    Pizza cutter sharpening

    Personally I just use a long Chef knife.
  6. Bensbites

    Tung Oil + Citrus For Handles and Boards?

    The wood wicks moisture away from the bacteria on the surface. Drying it out and killing it. As you stay to slice through the coating , it's not even moisture gets in some parts of the wood and causes uneven movement. That can cause cracking.
  7. Bensbites

    New Shapton "Rock Star" stones

    The IG video in the Op looks like they use it as a splash and go.
  8. Bensbites

    Need your opinion for handle design - Choose your favourite in this poll 🤓

    I have been making handles for about 6 years. You are absolutely correct. Eventually the end user will feel a light step. It's small. Tactile, not necessarily visible. Some people don't care. No problem. The clients get what they want.
  9. Bensbites

    Need your opinion for handle design - Choose your favourite in this poll 🤓

    My personal preferences have either a ferrule cap of a different material or about an inch long ferrule. At this level, there is no right or wrong, it's strictly personal preference. In handles with stabilized wood and metal spacer, the wood will always shrink /swell while metal will not.
  10. Bensbites

    SOLD Tim Johnson Magnacut gyuto - Price drop

    Tim is a great guy, he taught me loads about grinds. I may even meet him soon.
  11. Bensbites

    Tung Oil + Citrus For Handles and Boards?

    my concern is the wood has natural Antibacterial properties because it wicks moisture away from anything on the board due to the porous nature. If you fill those pores with a cured finish like tung oil or tru oil , you will basicly have a plastic coating on a wood board. It will increase the...
  12. Bensbites

    Who makes the overall most comfortable handle?

    Am I in the minority?? I find most handles fine. I hate heavy handles and rear balance points. Assuming no sharp edges... Weight is more important to me than shape (within reason ).
  13. Bensbites

    Magnacut and Synthetic Stones

    I sharpen my magnacut gyuto on shapton glass and pros as well as a king 8000. No problem. I send this knife out to 20+ people on a passaround and people said it was easy to sharpen.
  14. Bensbites

    Instant glue alternative to fill gaps between tang and scales?

    I keep thin and thick glue in the shop along with accelerator. You can think of epoxy as very slow thick CA glue (a broad generalization). You can mask off areas with tape or board butter (1:4 beeswax:mineral oil). I hope that helps.
  15. Bensbites

    Can one custom order a wooden salad bowl?

    I am friendly with a local maker named Matt P Day who hand carved his wooden bowls. They have character and individualality, way more than a turned bowl.
  16. Bensbites

    WTB Coffee Gear

    Hey, you're from Boston too. Always happy to chat knives and coffee. I started roasting my own beans about 10 yrs ago. I like drip / aeropress/ clever dripper.
  17. Bensbites

    Local woodworker here

    Welcome. Where are you located? Rehandling knives is a niche unlike other woodworking in my experience.
  18. Bensbites

    Pizza dough, to poolish or not to poolish

    I store my yeast sealed in the freezer. That should last forever.
  19. Bensbites

    Pizza dough, to poolish or not to poolish

    The other part that's key for puffy crust is high heat. I have an koda 16. I am still refining my methods. If you bake on high heat you get puffy crust, but the texture is more like pita bread not pizza. If you preheat on max, launch the pie , then turn down the gas to almost off , you get...
  20. Bensbites

    Pizza dough, to poolish or not to poolish

    They don't really. They make up the carbohydrates in flour. Hydrolysed carbohydrates (sugars) combine with other compounds like, but not limited to proteins, to give you the complex flavors you find in slow rise breads