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  1. Laksefar

    Jnat Giveaway

    Great initiative! Here is my lucky ticket 😉
  2. Laksefar

    SOLD Simon Lönsted - big gyuto 253x73mm ! - 1.2562+wrought iron

    Such a relief it is gone 😀 what an amazing looking knife, but I've already blown my yearly knife budget by a factor 2. But it gets me really excited about the custom I've on the way from Lönsted
  3. Laksefar

    Show your newest knife buy

    I tend to stick to natural wood as well, but seeing some of his earlier work I was confident it would turn out great. Reminds of starry night 😀
  4. Laksefar

    Western handle, Tall at Heel, and Distal Taper? Recommendations?

    Can vouch for Merion Forge as well. Just received this custom with western handle. Height is 57 mm and with nice distal taper. Very reasonable priced and short delivery time.
  5. Laksefar

    Show your newest knife buy

    Merion Forge 240 gyuto 1.2562 with wrought iron and a western style handle. Cuts like a boss, handles like a boss and looks like a boss. I am beyond impressed. Dominik is one to watch!
  6. Laksefar

    Cutting Board Giveaway

    In! And thank you for your generosity
  7. Laksefar

    Show your newest knife buy

    Spåre 300 mm coreless suji and Catcheside 230 mm gyuto
  8. Laksefar

    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Patina on two new knives. Spare sujihiki and Catcheside gyuto
  9. Laksefar

    Spare no knife! Show your Spåre!

    Just picked up this mighty sword earlier today. 300 mm sujihiki in 26c3/15n20 coreless damascus with alder burl handle. Couldn't resist cooking up a roast to take it for a test drive. Nice slicing action and the patina is already making this work of art even more pretty
  10. Laksefar

    Spare no knife! Show your Spåre!

    Got one of the 230 mm k-tip gyuto. Really a great allrounder, with a razor thin tip and hefty heel to do the heavy work. Definitely not the last Spåre to enter my kitchen
  11. Laksefar

    How many kitchen knives do you own?

    IMHO you've had quite a 2022, both in terms of quality and quantity. Beautiful!
  12. Laksefar

    SOLD Dalman honyaki

    Two Dalmans in one day? What are the odds? Hope for one in europe 🤟 GLWS!
  13. Laksefar

    SOLD Forged O1 240mm Gyuto

    If you were EU based, I would have been all over this. GLWS
  14. Laksefar

    Hej from Denmark

    This is my current setup from when I started upgrading my knife collection (6 months ago). Started with the japanese knives but I'm currently solely going after european customs. I just like the concept of the knives being sourced and produced somewhat locally. From left to right: - Anryu...
  15. Laksefar

    Hej from Denmark

    Figured I might as well stop the lurking and join properly. Bought some nice "entry" knives from JCK some 10 years ago and was perfectly happy with them until I started hanging out here and a new world of costly knives revealed themselves. Custom knives from western makers really speak to me...