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    Watanabe/Toyama - Nakiri question

    I don't have a Toyama KU or migaki, but comparing my Watanabe KU 180mm to my Toyama damascus 180mm, the latter is a bit heavier and the distal taper is not as pronounced; the former is more of an agile nakiri. Also, the Toyama damascus seems a bit more forward balanced.
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    Hello knife world

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    Natural stones worth it? If one is sharpening, naturals only make sense for blades that can take advantage of that. All the finesse jnats have will be lost if you use it to sharpen a blade that can't keep an acute edge for long. I...
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    New guy from Brazil

    Welcome, Gabriel! Which knives do you have in your collection?
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    Best place to buy sharpening stones?
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    Hello hello.

    Welcome! Which knives did you get already?
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    hello everyone

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    Withdrawn 270mm gyuto

    Sorry you didn't get there before. Ashy is a great seller.
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    Withdrawn 270mm gyuto
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    When flattening bevels/removing low spots, how do you know if the stone you are using isn’t coarse enough?

    In regard to thinning, there's no stone that is coarse enough for me.
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    Hot Take: Does anyone actually use a Nakiri?

    I use nakiris all the time. After a gyuto, my most used kind of blade. Gyutos are definitely more versatile, but i find nakiris easier to dice with. Not only the balance, but also the height at the "tip" allows for a big higher up and down movement without loosing contact with the directing hand.
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    What cuts better than a Denka?

    I love that Carter and it definitely is a special blade with a killer handle. It cuts very well, but i haven't had the heart to thin it the way i did with Mert's gyuto. Mert's 125sc managed to cut like a paper thin behind the edge blade, but still reasonably chip resistant. Carter's is no slouch...
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    What cuts better than a Denka?

    One of my best cutters is a Mert Tansu 125sc wrought iron gyuto. It was good when i got it, but after some light thinning, it became amazing. Very thin behind the edge to the point that it micro chipped when it was used to slice a crusty roll once, but it never chipped with softer produce.