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    Miura Vitrified 400

    Will appreciate your review! There are 2 diamond reviews pending in the Pass Around, but are moving at a snails pace.
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    Stone Findings

    Shapton got back to me. To summarize: RockStar and GlassStone are the same; RockStar is thicker and does not have backing. Japanese retail RS product has printed graphics, overseas/US retail models will not. RockStar series available from US retailers est. 1-2 months.
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    Underrated foods....

    Simple stuff. Unagi on white rice (Internet photo) Caviar ($1.00, home made in 20 minutes) Most of us have spent thousands on steaks, prime rib, all that stuff. AFTER all that (cause you have to do it when you're young, right?) I'm happy with lite and cheap.
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    What's the usual application for polishing film?

    What grit and what polish/finish does it leave?
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    What's the usual application for polishing film?

    Likely just semantics. I understand mirror polish, was wondering if a coarser grit is ever used to achieve a different finish, and if there is any special technique. ( Like there are many methods to etch).
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    Stone Findings

    @Tekkz , we'll only know for sure if you buy one! 😄😄 I'm curious, so i sent Miura (and also Shapton) an email asking if it was "identical material". Will post reply. If it is, it's interesting they'd double the material in exchange for the glass, and offer that at a lesser price, as the...
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    Stiff heavier stainless suji that won't break the bank?

    Thus might not be your style, but it works for me. Has a hard Chrome like finish, r2, and micarta handle, relatively inexpensive... mine gyuto had a slight bend. 199g is kinda heavy for a suji blade. Love that r2 edge...
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    Given the scratches, you saved it from a terrible fate! That's a real find, what a peach! I think the best picture of that rock is yet to come....
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    Vitrified Diamond #400 & #3000 Passaround

    Perhaps you can pm him?
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    Vitrified Diamond #400 & #3000 Passaround

    Thanks for the reviews! Fun stuff. Where are the diamonds headed next?
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    Stone Findings

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    Hello from the northwestern USA

    Welcome from outside Seattle. !
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    Diy denim strop

    No need for staples! Don't use em. They scratch. Get a 12" piece of 1x4 or 2x4. Make sure its not cupped. Get gorilla glue, and a cheap plastic disposable putty knife. Smear a thin coating over the face, and about 1/8" over the edge, just past the rounded edge. Clean the blade, and...
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    Any Prep Tips for brilliant patina?

    With hard felt, I've used those little round pads you stick on the bottom of a tray, lamp or chair leg. They stick on your fingertip/glove pretty well, and come in different diameters. Get white to gauge wear and swarf.
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    The Oyster Thread

    I'm in the pacific northwest, with cold water on 3 sides of me. So good. Best as a beach snack, at midnight in winter low tides digging clams in moonlight, with a shot of tabasco.
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    Your thoughts on Wakui vs Yoake

    Yeah, that's him. To mill trees, be got the biggest Stihl they make. The ideas just keep coming: New Yoake for him, i get to keep my 2 yoakes, AND get myself a Wakui! Let's keep this thread going!
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    Your thoughts on Wakui vs Yoake

    No, no project knife as a first knife. See, he's very capable, and hand planes his custom built furniture. This is just to get him hooked with a good carbon cutting edge... then I'll reel him in!! (We fish together too) After my education above (thanks guys), looks like he'll get one of...
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    Your thoughts on Wakui vs Yoake

    Dunno yet. Will buy for a friend for his first knife, thinking 210 will be best. Not Damascus, not workhorse. Likely migaki.