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  1. deltaplex

    Knife findings

    I think the entire handle construction on it looks really great, pinned bolster included. I've seen MANY (many, many, many,...,many) yo handles on knives well more expensive than these that are far worse in appearance, F&F, construction, etc. than this one is.
  2. deltaplex

    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    It could simply be a mass thing, a 242g 270 Yo isn't going to have the same forward balance and mass over the front 1/3rd of the blade that your Spåre has, and tall, dense, produce is where that difference in momentum is going to become most apparent
  3. deltaplex

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    I think if you're going to the trouble of all that, you'd probably be opting to use a more purpose built motor for it.
  4. deltaplex

    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    How close is this to the listed weight on JKIs site (237g)?
  5. deltaplex

    Suggestions on re-profiling this 4" paring?

    @Ericfg These are 95%+ in-hand work for me: I'd (also) grind off the integral bolster, and I like having that slight concavity in the middle of the blade for peeling spherical items. I'd keep most of it as is, even if it means I have to spend some time sharpening the concavity portion on the...
  6. deltaplex

    WTS MSicard Cutlery 185mm Apex Ultra/Low Carbon Clad Gyuto

    This is a good way to bring back the laser hype!
  7. deltaplex

    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    @Troopah_Knives I think you've mentioned that Shiro 3 makes for an interesting honyaki choice, any chance you can elaborate on that a bit (or point to where you already have?)
  8. deltaplex

    The "Let's Talk About This Knife" Thread.

    I'm basically a lock to pick up a 270 KU at some point from what I've been seeing of the current profile
  9. deltaplex

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Where did you hear that Yoshikane made these?
  10. deltaplex

    All Rectangle March?

    I'm excited for it, I might even have one from the project pile ready to use.
  11. deltaplex

    coping with the inevitable

    I'd do as shallow a rounding as I could get away with on the front and concede that it's better to look slightly wonky for a bit than to grind a bunch of metal off the front or change the front 1/3 edge profile to work it out.
  12. deltaplex

    Knife findings

    @labor of love Not really similar to a mab as an overall knife though: iron clad, thinner stock, forged in hollow above the low wide bevel. Steel is great (as stated), especially if you lean acute and nail flex-y on the edge.
  13. deltaplex

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    In general it's about efficieny, VFD is going to have the least loss of power to other forms of energy, given the same power input. In functional terms for the application, VFD will have the same amount of torque available at every controlled speed (and it's more or less on demand), where other...
  14. deltaplex

    Show your newest knife buy

    I'd have taken one of these home for $5, especially if you can look through them.
  15. deltaplex

    Show your newest knife buy

  16. deltaplex

    Recommendations for 180mm+ Stainless Nakiri

    You're using the wrong cast iron if this is your evolution path.
  17. deltaplex

    what is your turkey carcass stock strategy?

    I made stock for thanksgiving with the pelvis and trimmings, the bones all go into the bin in the freezer to be turned into stock when they fill up. I'd pressure can the stock over freezing it, but that's just what works better for us.
  18. deltaplex

    Thanksgiving 2023: Moodboard

    I braised the dark meat/neck/tail and used the liquid as the gravy base. I kept the torso intact, turned the minced fat into a compound butter with herbs n spices, stuffed it under the breast meat skin, and then burned down some wood in the Weber to roast it (I'll try to get more pics of the...
  19. deltaplex

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    It's basically Semmelknödel that hasn't been formed into balls.
  20. deltaplex

    KKF counts to a million

    5086 I'm thankful for all you weirdos in here; Happy Thanksgiving!