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  1. birdsfan

    SOLD HVB 1095 245mm Gyuto

    Oooooooh man.....getting knife sweats. Mert does great work!
  2. birdsfan

    SOLD HVB 1095 245mm Gyuto

    What is the weight on this one?
  3. birdsfan

    CPM-D2 Gyuto Pass-Around (Proposal)

    I wanted to elaborate a little more on my experience using the PA knife. I have handled a number of Matt's knives in the process of doing sayas for them, but never used one, so I was looking forward to the experience. When I took this one out of the box, I was impressed with the feel of it...
  4. birdsfan

    CPM-D2 Gyuto Pass-Around (Proposal)

    I used the knife extensively last week at work. Since Matt had urged it, I was not shy, using it on all manner of veg and protein. It withstood the professional environment admirably. When I have a bit more time to pontificate, I will go into greater depth about my experience with it. I...
  5. birdsfan

    Tim Johnson Pass around 26C3 monosteel

    You guys are making me blush! This project for @pitted_soul is a fun one. He picked out a really interesting block of wood that should yield a very cool looking handle. As far as the knife goes, I was impressed with Tim's work. I like the profile and the s-grind is very cleanly done. The...
  6. birdsfan

    New From Pa

    Welcome to the forum! Did it end up being anything noteworthy? Most interesting thing I have found at a thrift was an old Forgie. Usually just a bunch of farberware....
  7. birdsfan

    CPM-D2 Gyuto Pass-Around (Proposal)

    The knife arrived safely today, all ready to begin its US leg of the pass around. It will get plenty of work this weekend!
  8. birdsfan

    Fat A$$ western knives and no sayas?

    That is my preferred method as well! Making these is great fun. Soon all of your knives will have a fresh suit! While I am not a woodworking professional, feel free to reach out with any questions. I am happy to share the wisdom gained by my many failures along the way. 😏
  9. birdsfan

    Fat A$$ western knives and no sayas?

    Nice work! Are you using the 2 piece or 3 piece method?
  10. birdsfan

    WTS Henry Hyde x 2

    An honest and fair seller who really takes great care of the knives in his collection. Buy with confidence!
  11. birdsfan

    Kanji translation help

    I am hoping to tap into the vast knowledge and skill base of the KKF community. A friend (and well known, active KKF member) asked me to create a saya for a knife he intends to give as a gift to a close friend. As part of the project, he asked me to incribe the saya with a bit of kanji. I...
  12. birdsfan

    WTS Kochi 240 stainless clad gyuto

    What is the core steel on these stainless clad jauns?
  13. birdsfan

    SOLD Misono Dragon 240, Ittetsu 240 white#2

    Ittetsu sold! Thank you knife family!
  14. birdsfan

    SOLD Misono Dragon 240, Ittetsu 240 white#2

    Thank you Tostadas! That maple burl is totally cool looking! Wish I had a few more chunks of it!
  15. birdsfan

    SOLD Misono Dragon 240, Ittetsu 240 white#2

    As I continue to try to reduce my collection enough to close my knife drawer, I offer up a couple of more knives. Both of these were early additions to my collection. At the time, I was thrilled with my work on both, which has made me reluctant to part with them, but I just simply have too...
  16. birdsfan

    Hello from PA

    I am presently in Montco, but that central PA area is a nice place to be! Hah, believe me, I can empathize with your desire to go for a fun knife right out of the gate. The KKF enabler in me says "hey, get both!" If you do start with an expensive one, just go slow with sharpening at first...