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  1. Ochazuke

    Snake River Farms - What Would Order?

    We carry kurobuta at my store. It’s one of our more popular pork products.
  2. Ochazuke

    Withdrawn 210mm Heiji Gyuto

    Regarding the etiquette: it feels less acceptable to me for a seller to describe a knife brand as having become “devalued” just because it doesn’t sell at their price. I wasn’t bashing the seller, knife, or posting. Just explaining why the economics of the situation aren’t in their favor and...
  3. Ochazuke

    Withdrawn 210mm Heiji Gyuto

    Are you maliciously misunderstanding me or do you just not get currency valuation differences? The value for a new Heiji has not changed. A new 240mm is still ¥27500. Users still value them just as much. That price has not changed. It’s the value of the yen that has changed in regard to the...
  4. Ochazuke

    Withdrawn 210mm Heiji Gyuto

    This is not a bash in any way, but just to point out the economics of the weak yen. I could buy a brand new 240 for less than $200 straight from Heiji. Why would I buy secondhand for more money? Heiji are great knives with incredible popularity and support, but the economics of the situation...
  5. Ochazuke

    The Oyster Thread

    Maine and Massachusetts oysters are imo much better than Chesapeake. Replying to your comment only to say that you missed out on the Island Creek oysters. Those ones are swell.
  6. Ochazuke

    JKI Izakuchi

    I guess that solves that. I was familiar with their powder metal and aogami super stuff, but I didn’t know they did things that looked like wide bevels or white 1 also.
  7. Ochazuke

    JKI Izakuchi

    I saw JKI’s white 1 Izakuchi line recently and was surprised by how much variation there is between the products (not as in defects, but in appearance). I assumed that they would use different manufacturing techniques for the blue super and the white 1 so those difference make sense, but even...
  8. Ochazuke

    SOLD Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hagane DX Blue #1 gyuto—225mm/Sakai 240mm

    I’m sweating over here. If I didn’t just have a baby and immense fear of a recession, I would’ve already pulled the trigger. Somebody buy this and put me out of my misery.
  9. Ochazuke

    vegetarian go-tos

    Nasu dengaku is delicious and easy. How vegetarian are we taking about? Are eggs okay?
  10. Ochazuke

    Small gyuto profiles/ergonomics

    I just had a baby, so my wife would literally murder me if I spent money on any more knives, but the only two knives I really have on my list are a replacement for the 180 Watanabe gyuto and an Okubo. Hopefully they’ll still be around in 18 years 😂
  11. Ochazuke

    Small gyuto profiles/ergonomics

    So my wife is Japanese, and in Japan home cooks don’t need big knives. There’s a culture of daily grocery shopping so everything is in small portions already. The only people in Japan with big knives are professional chefs and serial killers. 😅 My wife and all of my other Japanese relatives are...
  12. Ochazuke

    Bold Predictions

    1) IKEA and kiwi knives and that similar range will continue to dominate the broad market followed by all the next tier dexter, Vic, whustoff, shun, etc. 2) Individual Japanese craftsmen will continue to dwindle as the older ones retire (eg the knifejapan group, Toyama, etc). 3) larger scale...
  13. Ochazuke

    270mm or 300mm yanagiba?

    I will also say that in Japan, I’ve seen plenty of fish mongers and izakaya chefs slice sashimi with deba, gyuto, or basically whatever is on hand. It’s been delicious and fine. I’ve rarely seen a kaiseki chef or itamae sushi chef use anything other than a sashimi hocho for sashimi. Basically...
  14. Ochazuke

    270mm or 300mm yanagiba?

    Yes and no. People with a lot of experience will notice a difference. The majority of sushi chefs in the states are doing more American style sushi and so there’s less need for different styles of cutting. Good luck getting a beautiful usugiri with a suji. For general purpose...
  15. Ochazuke

    Professional Deba Size

    If you’re doing a lot of salmon, you could always consider a sakekiri? 180mm hon deba will probably be more useful though and is one of my most used knives.
  16. Ochazuke

    WTS Yoshikazu Ikeda special nakiri

    I just saw this for the first time. I love the kawahagi (bottom right) so much. I’m not in a spot to buy knives right now, but if I had the extra $200 bucks I would snag that one in a heartbeat. GLWS!! So cute!!!
  17. Ochazuke

    Honesuki & Single Bevels...?

    I realize I have seemingly conflicting ideas. But I’ve come to believe more and more that while there are important differences in knife steels and shapes, what matters more at the end of the day is how much you feel like using it and maintaining it. There are differences and they do matter...
  18. Ochazuke

    Honesuki & Single Bevels...?

    It’s kind of a wrong question imo… Maybe it’s because I go through so many, but chickens could basically almost be pulled apart by hand. I use the the knife for skin and joints and a little bit of muscle separation. The only place that gets blade intensive is the leg if you’re boning but...
  19. Ochazuke

    Honesuki & Single Bevels...?

    Yup! Use it almost daily now. Handles differently than a double bevel for sure. I also have a slight preference for single bevel, but I have absolutely no problem using a double bevel. Single gives me a bit more precision and finesse since I’m better at sharpening single bevels than double...
  20. Ochazuke

    3 Chefs - Tokyo culinary research trip(need help)

    Depending on your hotel, it’s worth asking your concierge. Concierges at top class hotels can secure you otherwise unavailable spots sometimes. If you haven’t already booked your hotel, any of the top ones known for hosting western clients will be able to help. I strongly recommend calling or...