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  1. ahhactive

    SOLD HVB 1095 245mm Gyuto

  2. ahhactive

    SOLD Jiro Petty, Masamoto Honyaki pair

    Very fair and Proper. GLWS
  3. ahhactive

    WTS Merion Forge 280mm Integral Knife

    merion's work is really superb I have a 230 that I really like. This is quite the steal though. He now said pleaseeeeee no integral.
  4. ahhactive

    Indonesian Naturals

    I got 1k,3k,6k,8k. Hahaha yesssss. But you'rs might not be that way.
  5. ahhactive

    Indonesian Naturals

    I got 1k,3k,6k,8k.
  6. ahhactive

    Indonesian Naturals

    I used mine to polish. It scratch the hell out of my knife. For sharpening wise it isn't better than Japanese synthetic. But nothing wrong with trying. Just my 2c
  7. ahhactive

    Indonesian Naturals

    The price is not gonna lie. Maybe its ok if its just for sharpening but i dont think its worth the hassle with shipping etc. I toss mine out
  8. ahhactive

    Stiff heavier stainless suji that won't break the bank?

    I really like heiji semi stainless option. I can wipe it and leave it for quite some time.
  9. ahhactive

    WTS Jiro Tsuchime - Sujihiki 270mm

    Whoa whoa whoa. Right price right knife. Why is it still here?? Free bumb for you and GLWS
  10. ahhactive

    The Effect Of “Edge Aggression” Between Steels

    as i come along as a home cook. steel does not really matter, but always appreciate a good 52100 ;) .
  11. ahhactive

    Heiji direct

    Can't wait to see what you'll do to this knife
  12. ahhactive

    SOLD Boldric leather knife roll bag

    this is basically robbing prices, Get them guys!
  13. ahhactive

    SOLD Eddworks Petty

    Damnn letting out more goodies. GLWS
  14. ahhactive

    Flipper alert

    Some people are just trying to be nice. And he took advantage of guy. that's a real shame.
  15. ahhactive

    Flipper alert

    Its not his first time?
  16. ahhactive

    Can one custom order a wooden salad bowl?

    Login • Instagram try talking to Jonathan. But I have no idea on pricing
  17. ahhactive

    WTB Yanick KU Gyuto 230-250mm/Trade with Jiro Suji 270 or FM W1 255 Damascus

    Fuiyohhh. If only I have a yanick lying around
  18. ahhactive

    SOLD Schon integral gyuto

    Congratulations to the buyer who got an awesome deal!