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  1. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTS Yoshikazu Tanaka Kurouchi Shirogami # W2 Extra Height 240mm Gyuto Custom Jobone handle NIB

    Cannot believe this is still here. I don’t need it. I don’t need it…… I don’t need it……………………………
  2. why-am-i-bleeding

    Withdrawn Konosuke Tetsujin 240

    Are you a lefty by chance? I am offering your choice of fully-functional body parts from the entire non-dominant side of my body, would consider knife + cash value for mandible/maxilla
  3. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTB Munetoshi honyaki

    My heart will go on
  4. why-am-i-bleeding

    Bought Petty knife

    JNS Munetoshi
  5. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTB Munetoshi honyaki

    I just missed the last JNS offering by seconds. Help me out KKF! 210 or 240. Based in USA. Thanks
  6. why-am-i-bleeding

    SOLD 6 cheap kamisori

    Price includes shipping?
  7. why-am-i-bleeding

    SOLD Morihei Hisamoto 210

    Congratulations to whoever beat my 6 minute RSVP. I’ll go find a nice place to cry now
  8. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTT Mazaki KU W2 240mm with Wenge friction saya (US)

    Bump looking for something with slightly more belly like the older profiles