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  1. ThEoRy

    Stefan's Stefan Keller's Knife Collection Sale

    This ****ing sucks.
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  3. ThEoRy

    What to expect after grapping a hot pan?

    So what do you guys think is the worst burn, direct contact with metal, steam, grease, fire, boiling liquid? Obviously the end result is the same but for me it's gotta be the grease. That s*** spreads all over your flesh. Had an employee claim steam was the worst because it gets into...
  4. ThEoRy

    What to expect after grapping a hot pan?

    Better put some butter on it.
  5. ThEoRy

    What to expect after grapping a hot pan?

    Yes, finally we have science now! Back in the dark ages we just put butter on everything! Which is weird because then it just cooks you more. Lol Probably no scientists floating around your kitchen but the first time you jam your freshly 2nd degree burned hand in a bucket of ice water you learn...
  6. ThEoRy

    What to expect after grapping a hot pan?

    I wonder how many people here making suggestions have suffered through serious burns.
  7. ThEoRy

    99/1 Edges

    They aren't treated like a traditional double bevel knife because they are different. They aren't treated like traditional single bevel knife because again they are different. A few simple edge trailing strokes with the spine clicked up a notch is all that is needed. And in my experience it...
  8. ThEoRy

    What to expect after grapping a hot pan?

    Horrible idea. You're f*****g up the cells in your hand. Room temperature water is your friend. Ice water is your enemy. Now go get some silvadene sulfate.
  9. ThEoRy

    So... What on earth do I have?

    It's a sujihiki meant for slicing raw boneless proteins such as fish. I couldn't tell you what the kanji says. What you need for general purpose is a gyuto. It's the Japanese equivalent to the chef's knife.
  10. ThEoRy

    Going from Santoku to Gyuto, recommandations?

    I sharpen one of these for my lunch cook about once every couple of months and he uses it as his daily driver. So if edge retention is a concern you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  11. ThEoRy

    Belly of pork: skin on or off?

    EVERYBODY always does that. F****** sauté guy kept using baking soda in my cornbread recipe wondering why it's not working talkin bout, "I dunno, I used YOUR recipe." and I told him every time, "POWDER! it's baking POWDER!. Dammit guys stop mixing them up! In this case it's baking SODA. And...
  12. ThEoRy

    Keep or lose the new like feature?

    I think we need more gifs personally. So I could say But then y'all just be like
  13. ThEoRy

    Belly of pork: skin on or off?

    Before I had a peener I used a pointy gokujo and stabbed a million little holes across the skin then rubbed the mixture in. Of course I would score the underside in a diamond pattern and rub in Kosher salt, black pepper, fresh ground coriander and fennel seed, chopped garlic, rosemary and a...
  14. ThEoRy

    Belly of pork: skin on or off?

    Keep it. You can peen the skin thoroughly with a knife if you don't have a peener) then rub the surface with a kosher salt and baking soda mixture, ratio is 1 teaspoon of baking soda for every tablespoon of salt, leave the belly in the fridge overnight. This is going to change the ph balance...
  15. ThEoRy

    Keep or lose the new like feature?

    I like the like button. I think it can be a useful way of agreeing with a post without having to +1. Sometimes a post is well written that I have nothing further to add in a beneficial way. So I like being able to agree without having to say anything, If a post is well liked or if it is...
  16. ThEoRy

    What just happened? Conversion to Xenforo. Questions here!

    It's like a cartoon chat bubble. Weird. Though I do appreciate the new software. We were long overdue for an upgrade.
  17. ThEoRy

    Learning something new everyday...

    Too bad he didn't use that spine to sweep the onions off the board.