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  1. SpikeC

    sharpening scissors

    My comments were in regard to regular scissors! Never mind!
  2. SpikeC

    sharpening scissors

    Don't touch the broad sides, just the thin cutting edges, and look really closely at what you are doing. Study a fresh new pair and you should be able to see what needs to be done.
  3. SpikeC

    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of the Christians and happy Festivus to the Restuvus!
  4. SpikeC

    D. Martell Need Some Help

    My sink is under the counter, the hole in the counter is 17" deep, and the sink is 16 1/2" deep, front to back.
  5. SpikeC

    Happy Birthday Mark Farley

    And many more!
  6. SpikeC

    Larrin graduates with distinction

    Big congrats, Larrin!
  7. SpikeC

    What's your ride?

    After trading my BMW for a Ducati monster that was hit and ruined and replaced with another, this came into my sights. I could not resist!
  8. SpikeC

    Lucretia's Knives

    That last pic is especially girly.
  9. SpikeC

    Newbie saying hello, with Questions on Home butchering

    Welcome to the Knut house! I have no answers for you butt you should fit in here quite well!
  10. SpikeC

    Chinese Guangxi stones

    You can buy those for 25 bucks at Woodcraft.
  11. SpikeC

    That which shall not be named

    I don't know why anyone bothers to respond to the ranting of this "cowboy". He wants to shill for the other guy and makes up arguments that are pretty absurd. This thread is now in my kill file.
  12. SpikeC

    So a perverbial quickie!

    Pierre's fillet knives have a grace that goes beyond craft.
  13. SpikeC

    Which 210 mm gyuto is best choice???

    Some times it is interesting to revisit the original post.
  14. SpikeC

    Help finding a Saya for my knife

    Where are you located?
  15. SpikeC

    My new mill

    Congrats on an awesome piece of kit!
  16. SpikeC

    Moritaka - how long?

    I don't know why anyone bothers responding to trolls.
  17. SpikeC

    Dave, is it your birthday? Happy Birthday

    Happie Brithdaie!!
  18. SpikeC

    Handles, Conversions, and other Stuff

    I had a little project from a Buddhist dude once, he wanted the metal work on a little horn that he had replaced with nicer material. The body of the horn was made out of a young woman's femur. It sounded a little weird when you tooted it.
  19. SpikeC

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads

    Maybe it is a dual type?
  20. SpikeC

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads

    On the sidebar of the 1/2 Witt knife demo I saw a short clip of Bourdain doing knife work. He had more and better info in less than 2 minutes!