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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Spåre blues going strong
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    Just Another Dam Project - Pass HHT on your kitchen knife

    Just read through this entire thread, thanks for reviving it. Was a great read. If round 2 happens I'll probably give it a shot, seems like a good progress test, and I've been meaning to tidy up my sharpening skills...
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    Yoshi SKD petty Giveaway

    So much generosity on the forum this last month! I'm in!
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    Jedy gives away a Komorebi Gyuto

    That is very generous! I'm in, would love another knife to play with polishes on!
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    Cutting Board Giveaway

    In! That is utterly beautiful... Very generous indeed!
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    J-Nat Club

    Recently received a couple of new stones, had the set out for some polishing fun+razor touchup and figured I might as well document the little happy family: Left to right (ignoring the Belgian Blue imposter in the back): Rather coarse benchstone supposedly from Kyushu, was my first natural...
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Recently acquired Spåre mono carbon after a couple of days use in home kitchen
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    Knife findings Looks unique for a Tanaka!
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Out of curiosity: how do you finish your favorite edges? Any stones you prefer? Do you always find stropping improves performance or are there stones you prefer shaving off without intermediary stropping? Also, if anyone else is using a hard Nakayama to finish, do you find it fine to jump...
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Figured it could be fun to jot down my experience with straights, especially since I finally made some progress this morning. For reference, until a couple of years back my only experience shaving was with Gillette blades, and I never really enjoyed using them. On a whim I decided it might be...
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    Show me your racks!

    Here's my makeshift knifestand in cardboard! Works well enough until I build something slightly more elegant..
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    Hi from Sweden

    Thanks, nice to see another swede! Thank you!
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    Hi from Sweden

    Unfortunately haven't really tried any good Swedish knives (unless you count Mora knives for woodwork that is...)! So far focused mainly on Sanjo knives - Mazaki, Wakui and Watanabe - also trying not buy multiples of same size/model until I have the funds to motivate it. Looking forward to...
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    Hi from Sweden

    Avid homecook here! After half a year-ish falling down the rabbit hole of kitchen knives (not to mention sharpening), lurking around forums and spending more money than I care to admit on starting up a collection, I decided it was time to join. Looking forward to continuing my obsession as a...