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  1. Danzo

    SOLD Kochi ironclad V2 240

    Just picked this up in a trade, but after some consideration I don’t think I need another KU 240 in my mix, plus I have a kochi 210 that just tickles my kochi itch enough already. 241 edge / 51 heel / 184 grams / 4mm at spine $225 shipped conus
  2. Danzo

    Traded Wakui Migaki santoku 185

    yes stainless clad. currently pending trade
  3. Danzo

    SOLD KitchenknivesID big chonky beater

    Here’s another I picked up here on BST. Was practically new when purchased, have since sharpened it once. Don’t remember what steel it is probably spring leaf steel or something, but takes an edge easy enough and stays sharp decently. Grind is actually low key awesome on this, fun to whack it...
  4. Danzo

    Traded Wakui Migaki santoku 185

    Hello. Bought this one here last year, it was practically new. Used sparingly, still practically new. Never touched stones, or rods or strop, still has razor sharp factory edge. This is a fantastic knife, geometry is wonderful and cuts verges like butter. These are crazy $380 new, so let’s...
  5. Danzo

    SOLD 280mm Aeb-l sakimaru sujihiki

    does the tanto tip have an edge on it?
  6. Danzo

    SOLD A few. Mazaki bbq 240- yoshikane bunka - busted kaeru

    I think it’s harder. Don’t quote me
  7. Danzo

    SOLD A few. Mazaki bbq 240- yoshikane bunka - busted kaeru

    Hi guys. Changing up the kit. All prices include shipping. —Mazaki charcoal quench (BBQ). $275 246/53/209g Love this knife. Bought here from Higgins. It’s the bbq that has the best profile IMO. Used a lot for a while but hasn’t seen much use since. Knife has been thinned and maintained a...
  8. Danzo

    WTB Konosuke 180mm gyuto

    looking for a NICE 180 gyuto. not petty. preferably kono or something killer. thanks
  9. Danzo

    WTS WTB yanagi

  10. Danzo

    SOLD Heiji swedish steel gyuto 219mm

    hello all. You know how it is, this guy is impossible to get a hold of. Tried for years with no luck. Then a member added me to his order, nice. Anyways it’s just not my jam. Used for about a week in home kitchen hi-soft. Edge is perfect, slight Latina forming. 219/47/196grams...
  11. Danzo

    Bought Stainless 210 for non cook

    Hello. Non cook friend looking for decent shape stainless. Thanks. Budget is 100-150 nothing fancy
  12. Danzo

    WTS WTB yanagi

    still looking
  13. Danzo

    WTS WTB yanagi

    Hello everyone. It’s been a long time, I’m ready to buy a 210-240 yanagi. Don’t need anything special, heavily used and beat up is okay and preferred, just been cutting lots of fish lately and I’m not loving my suji. Budget is like 150 or something Thanks!