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  1. Tristan

    General protein knife - which type?

    Yes I meant the western deba. Reading your first post led me to think you wanted to break down fish and do heads/cartilage. It will handle a lot of abuse. However if as you say, you will fillet more than anything, go with your current choice. If you keep the knives affordable and buy quality you...
  2. Tristan

    General protein knife - which type?

    Too late. Tojiro western 210mm would have worked a treat.
  3. Tristan

    How many kitchen knives do you own?

    Maybe 30-40.
  4. Tristan

    ☕️ Coffee!

    You’re right it’s no guarantee. Usually top notch hardware places will also have a bunch of skinny customers dressed like clean lumberjacks discussing the floor price of digital monkey pictures. Thats a secondary check.
  5. Tristan

    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    First on the list of people who will take the knife off those lucky 5 who get it first but will run into conflicting financial needs (real life) sometime in the first 6 months of ownership and who can’t bear to flip a mass drop knife. peace out.
  6. Tristan

    ☕️ Coffee!

    Always good to spot and identify cafe espresso machines. When travelling or in unfamiliar settings, spotting a high end cafe machine is what I use to decide where to stop and try a coffee. If a cafe spends a good chunk of change on top end hardware, they are more likely to value and pay for a...
  7. Tristan

    DARTO carbon steel pan review

    Thanks for the reviews, looks great
  8. Tristan

    Peraonal favorite 150mm petty for the role?

    Camping this thread for carbon petty suggestions
  9. Tristan

    How sharp is too sharp?

    No such thing as too sharp.
  10. Tristan

    Show your newest gear!

    Thank you, the best part off the setup is the huge commercial class hood I put up above it. It recirculates but scrubs out all the nastiness. Worth every penny. Personal belief to put in quality behind heavily used things in the house if I get the chance. Better than mucking about with repairs...
  11. Tristan

    Show your newest gear!

    Waiting on my wolf range, which is MIA for 14 months since ordering. Dry kitchen has a combi oven which I love more than I thought I would.
  12. Tristan

    Any experience with Anaori Kakugama

    What piqued my interest is actually a fair number of starred kitchens have added it to their setup. And I don’t think the intended user is the home chef? I can’t imagine a big market. Could be a lot of marketing money, or a keeper?
  13. Tristan

    Show your newest gear!

    Renovated the house and put one of these in… having a heap of fun with stir fry these days
  14. Tristan

    Any experience with Anaori Kakugama

    The prices are as per the website with occasional newsletter discounts (10-20%) - still expensive. More than 2k for the smaller one Was curious if anyone had hands on
  15. Tristan

    Any experience with Anaori Kakugama

    Hi all does anyone on the forum have first hand experience using Anaori’s Kakugama carbon block? Wanted to know if there were any upfront experiences to share, impressions, best recipes suited etc.
  16. Tristan

    Induction cooking wisdom.

    I’m such a fan of gas that I can’t yet get behind induction. This is likely a very personal issue. I’ve seen commercial wok induction cookers that don’t cost the earth in use at many malls for fried rice and the like they work a treat. For round bottom woks. So to your specific questions: the...
  17. Tristan

    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

  18. Tristan

    Toothy finishing stone?

    There are quite a few sciency threads on the differences of the polish under magnification. I have both low/mid grit Jnats and chosera/king, and for my money I always finish on jnats as I prefer the bite and how it cuts.
  19. Tristan

    ☕️ Coffee!

    Flexing a little - my new splurge. Can't ask for much more in the mornings. A number of grinders can meet your requirements for ultra fine grinds. I am partial to fresh ground coffee, one of the more important aspects imo. Roaster: Genecafe, Grinder: EG-1, Espresso Machine: Slayer
  20. Tristan

    Rice cooker wisdom

    Sorry realised it was a tiger. The two things that I’m very curious about are the high pressure settings as well as the type of inner pot.